How to increase the speed of your broadband connection

Broadband SpeedAre you dissatisfied with the speed of your broadband connection? Well, if you are, then one of the best things that you can do is change the setting of the Windows Firewall. This will better the speed of your broadband connection. Here is how you can change the setting.

To disable the Firewall you will have to click start>All Programs>Accessories>Run. If you are using Windows XP you will have to click Start>Run. Then on the dialogue box you will have to type in “firewall.cpl” and then click on Enter. Then you have to click on the Change settings” button. Otherwise you will have to allow the program through the Firewall (for Windows Vista) users. Your next step will be to select on the tab ‘General’. Choose the ‘Off’ option. To save the settings click ‘Ok’. Once that is done restart the computer. To improve the speed of the broadband connection you will also have to enable the ports in the Windows Firewall.