Health apps for you android

Health apps, android applicationThere is nobody in this world who can deny the benefits of the latest gadgets to the human beings. With their contributions in almost all fields of life, the Android devices have also come with some of the best health apps that you can sue. One of the best apps of Android when it comes to health is the Jog Tracker 1.0.4.

The function is simple but it is very useful as when you go for runs, the app basically gets your time and distance calculated. The SportyPal is another app that is very helpful when health is in concern. The app is very popular among the cyclists and the runners. It offers a variety of analysis of your performance along with the time and distance. The Body Runner is also a very useful application in this regard and so is the Cardio Trainer. These are some of the many apps on your Android that you can use.

Top 3 apps for android

apps for android, android phonesOne of the best Android applications that you should know about is the ezPDF. This may not be the official reader this application can be very effective and it is worth a download. The features of the app are almost same as that of the application of the Adobe PDF Reader. However, this application is considered more useful if you are beginner. Another fine application would be the Astro File Manager.

This application will be very helpful when you are trying to get your apps installed easily on the phone. The application comes with other useful features as well. This will serve you as a task manger as well as a file customizer. The application will be able to create or extract Rar and the Zip files and get the attached to the emails of the user. Another great application is the Gmote 2.0. This is a very cool application as it will let you use your computer with a remote and the remote will be your phone.

Sony Xperia S VS Sony Xperia T

Sony XperiaThe Sony Xperia range has become a very popular and successful launch. Both the Sony Xperia S and Sony Xperia T have their own good features and advantages. Both these phones use the Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich operating system. There is a little difference in their screen sizes with the Xperia T having a screen size of 4.6 inches and the Xperia S of 4.3 inches. Both these Smartphones have 1.5 GHz dual core processor. Both the phones support adobe flash player, HD videos, Bluetooth, WI Fi, and 1 GB memory for the RAM. The biggest difference lies in the memory card slot feature. The Xperia T has one whereas the Xperia S doesn’t. But both have a USB data port which makes transferring files easy too.

The cameras are worth a mention as well. The Xperia S has a 12.1 mega pixel camera and the Xperia T has a 13 mega pixel main camera. Both these phones have many downloadable apps and features. The price of the Xperia T is a bit higher than the Xperia S.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Galaxy S3 MiniWith Smartphones becoming so popular these days, many people are opting for Smartphones. If you’re thinking of getting a Smartphone, then one of the best choices would be the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. If you want a small but compact and well designed Smartphone then this would be a good one to choose. It has a 480 x 800 display Super AMOLED display and a 1,500mAh battery which is pretty good. It uses a lot of apps and this kind of battery is good enough to back it up.

It has a 1GHz dual-core processor like most Smartphones and 1GB of RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB and it’s also got a micro SD card slot with extendable memory. The camera is also worth a mention. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has a main camera of 5 mega pixels and a front facing camera of VGA quality. The main camera also has LED flash which makes the feature more interesting and useful.

Education Apps for Your Android

Android Education AppsIf you are a student and you own an android phone then there are many apps, which you can use to get some notes for your related subject. You can get most of them for free and run them on your android phone or tab and get informative topics related to your education. You can also download some interactive apps which might help you gain more perspective about various subjects. You can take an entire library of books in the palm of your hand with the help of NOOK- the Barnes and Noble feature app.

You can get Glycelmic Index app which helps one understand the carbohydrate (glucose) level in blood after the information is given in. you can also use some apps which are meant for kids and let your child learn a lot through your android phone or tablet. Some kid’s educational apps are I Know My Animals, Color and Shape, Beck and Bo, etc.

A Guide to Choosing Mobile Phone Contracts

mobile phone contractsIf you want to get a good and technologically advanced handset and good discounts, promos and offers on calls, texts and other services, then you should go for contract mobile phones. The whole concept of a mobile hone contract is that you have to pay a given monthly fee for the phone and the features for it. Mostly these contracts last up to 18 to 24 months

You can enjoy various facilities like unlimited texting, reduced call charges, special reduced call charges for international calls and also packages for internet facilities at affordable rates. You won’t ever run out of credit once you put in the monthly fee. If you have less balance you can ask for an instant credit and that amount will be charged from your main balance the next month. These are some of the best features that can be enjoyed through contract mobile phones.

Connecting Your PC to Your Mobile

connect pc to mobile cableIf you want to transfer something from your PC to your mobile or vice versa, all you need is a data cable. Just make sure that the data cable is from the same company as the mobile. If your mobile provider doesn’t give you the data cable as a phone accessory, you can buy it separately even from online mobile stores. You can also go for a multi- data cable which usually fits more than one type of gadget.

After you acquire the data cable, attach the smaller end to the mobile and the wider side to the computer’s USB port. Make sure that you install the software before hand for the mobile to work in sync with the computer. Some mobile software run automatically with the help of internet connection after it’s connected with the PC and some need installation CDs. You can check online forums to know which option will be suitable for your phone.

IPhone 5 Camera Features

iphone 5 cameraThe iPhone 5 has been creating a lot of buzz even before its launch. Ever since its launch, it has been doing good business and has been able to stay up to the expectations of people. Gadget geeks say that the size is a bit bigger than they expected but overall, it’s a good phone to use. Apple products are anything but shabby so the sleek design and amazing features and apps have created a pretty good impression

The iPhone 5 uses the IOS6 OS which makes things simpler for the user. You can use the panorama photo feature automatically with the help of this. The meaning of this is that you can use 240 degrees of screen at once. The resolution created is up to 38 megapixels which is a spectacular feature. The video recording uses more light, better clarity and sharpness, which makes the video recording and watching a delight.

Why Is the HTC One X+ A Fantastic Pick?

HTC One X+If you’re looking for a trendy and useful mobile phone you can try out the phones from HTC. They have a reputation of making splendid handsets and Smartphones at affordable rates. HTC Smartphones have always managed to impress the public and one of their newest launches of the HTC One X Plus has also managed to attract a lot of attention. As compared to the HTC One X, it is more than 60% faster. It has an impressive 1.7GHz quad-core processor which makes this possible. The battery life is also 50% more as compared to its predecessor.

The HTC One X Plus has an enhanced internal memory of 64 GB which is two times more than the HTC One X. The most convenient feature is the feature which allows one to take HD videos and take pictures at the same time. The camera is an 8 mega pixel camera with flash and auto focus features. A front facing camera of 1.6 mega pixels is present which can also be used for video recording. The sound quality is spectacular too, thanks to the Beats Audio inbuilt feature.

Browser Options for Your Android

Android BrowserMobile phones have been taken to the next level with the help of the introduction of Android systems. If you own an Android Smartphone, you should definitely get an internet pack as then only will your phone come to life. Firefox is probably the best browser for PCs. Now Firefox is also available for androids as well which makes browsing a smooth experience. You can also try out the opera mini browser. The advantage of using opera mini is that you can get all your web browser pages in a compressed format which is apt for mobile browsing usage.

If you have an Android phone which uses the Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System, you can use the chrome for Android browser. Chrome is known for its speed and you will definitely be benefited with the help of Chrome in your Android. So whichever browser you use, first think of your requirement and then go for the download, which is always free.