Top 3 funny android apps

 android apps, funny applicationAre you looking for some cool Android apps? Well, the good bit is that Android has come up with a great host of fun Apps to the market and the post here presents a discussion on top 3 of them.

First of all you have Ringroid. It’s amazing and intuitive and exclusively designed for Android portal. It’s an application for ringtone composition that enables the user to mix & match your favorite tunes in seconds easily. You will also love SPB TV if you are always eager to know about the latest happening in the world space. The SPB TV comes with a one-time charge and allows you to check out on over hundreds of TV channels live from over 17 different nations.
The 3rd vote would go for WaveSecure which is great if you keep on losing the cell phone. Wavesecure is equipped to retrieve your data from phone and would also safeguard it from the malignant attacks.

Fixing Kindle Screen Problems

Kindle Fire, gadgetsIf you accidentally damage your Kindle Fire’s screen, then you can try and fix the problem yourself. If you have scratched the surface then you can use scratch remover products. If the sides have cracked or gotten scratched, you can fill them up with toothpaste and then you can scrape of the residue and leave it out to dry. You can also try and get the screen repaired by a professional.

You can buy a screen for your Kindle Fire and replace it yourself if you have the right tools and if you know how to do it. You can buy these tools and the screen itself from several online stores. Make sure that you but your Kindle Fire screen which is apt for your model. If all this doesn’t work, then there might be some internal or software problem. You should submit your Kindle Fire to a professional repairing shop so that it can be taken care of in the right way.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8610: perfect pick

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, mobile reviewsThe Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a very good phone. It is operated by the Android operating system and has a number of features. It is quite slim and comes in a casing. It is quite comfortable for the users as well. The screen is quite sensitive and gives an ultimate touch screen experience. The swipe screen application is quite effective in the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160. Be very careful about the careen very much and try protecting it from the rain, dust, etc. Exposure to these things may lead to the mal functioning of the screen.

The phone is powered by the Android 2.2 version and has a host of features. The Google maps, Accuweather, etc are some of the most amazing features available in the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. You can also connect to the internet quite easily and can update photos and send mails. Even the GPS application is quite effective and helps you to find the exact location of a place. In short the Galaxy Ace 2 is a perfect pick for one looking for a Android phone at a low price.

Review of the HTC 8S

HTC 8S, mobile reviewsThe first thing about the HTC 8S, that allure the people, is its bold colors. It is available in a number of colors like the black, red, blue and the grey. Also it has got a dual tone look which is very attractive. It has got some of the most amazing features and specifications and is also quite comfortable for the users. It weighs just 113 grams.

The phone has got a polycarbonate body giving a rubbery feeling. The screen is made from gorilla glass and the edges are tapered while the rear is molded thus giving it a very sleek look. The resolution of the screen is 720 pixels.
The camera of the HTC 8S is quite good having 5 megapixels giving you an ultimate photographic experience. It comes with a 4GB internal memory which can be expandable up to 32GB. The battery back is fairly good enough. Keeping in mind all the features, the price of the phone is much low and is a very good pick for you.