Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

buying a SmartphoneNowadays it is a very tough job to select the best Smartphone from the market. With time innovations are reaching the highest level when it comes to smart phones. The quantity of smart phones in the market seems to be ever increasing. You should have the basic knowledge regarding smart phones before going to buy one of it. The main thing that you need to make clear before entering a store is the budget that you have kept for the phone. The easy tips if followed can help you to choose the best smart phone for you.

A carrier facility is common in U.S. Usually people do not buy a smart phone there without a carrier. Signing of a 2 years agreement and allowing a good amount of discount is the offer proposed by a carrier. Options for changed mobile phones of the same models and also change in prices are also there. You can choose the best carrier that suits your demands and can hold of an advanced phone.
Get to know about the software that they are offering for different smart phones. A big difference is made by the software updates which can increase the speed of the processor and also the resolution of the screen. Better specs will be offered by newer version of Android through which you can work skillfully. As many Android versions cannot upgrade the newest software they can become outdated. So, it is an important point for you to check the Android version before investing your money.

High power smart phones provide a very powerful battery backup. The best smart phones offers a battery power more than 3100 MAH and these phones can run for around 16 long hours. Though, it is necessary for you to on the power saving mode which ensures the life and speed of the battery to be long-lasting. If these few factors are kept in mind before investing your hard earned money on a smart phone, you should not face troubles with it in future.

Second Hand Mobile Phones: How To Buy One?

Second Hand Mobile PhonesMajority of the people cannot afford brand new mobile phones because the cell phones have become extremely costly. The prices of cell phones have increased because of the top-notch technologies that are utilized in the cell phones these days. Thus some of the people only have the option of buying second hand mobile phones which give them the opportunity to save money. When you are buying a used mobile phone, you must keep certain things in mind. This article will discuss those things in some details.

Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that there is actually no guarantee for a mobile phone that is second hand. The used phones do not have a warranty most of the time. Thus select a used cell phone carefully. You must check the IMEI code of the phone. This code should match the code number that is printed on the mobile phone’s box or written in the bill. If the IMEI code does not match then it means that you are buying a phone that has been serviced several times or has been stolen.

Always ask for the original bill, box and user manual of the mobile phone. The original bill will give you an idea about how long the phone has been used or how many times it has been serviced. The user manual, on the other hand will help you understand the mobile phone better.

Do a thorough check of the mobile phone. For instance, see whether the keypad or the speaker of the phone is functioning effectively or not.

Ensure that the seller does not charge a high price for the second hand mobile phone. The price has to be in accordance with the present working condition of the used mobile phone.

Hope these tips help you buy an efficient and useful second hand mobile phone.

Helpful Tips That Will Keep Your Mobile Phones Secured

Mobile Phones SecuredMobile phones are extremely important in today’s world. These are considered to be must-have electronic gadgets. Mobile phones are not only used for receiving and making calls, but these are also utilized for other purposes like playing games, paying bills, internet surfing, shopping etc. Since the functions of mobile phones have increased, it is essential that you protect your phones from all kinds of dangers such as cybercriminals, viruses etc. Mobile phones help you store a lot of important data as well. Thus you must take the necessary steps to secure your cell phones.

First of all what you can probably do is utilize a password or PIN code to lock your mobile phone when you are not using it. This way no unauthorized person can access your mobile phone in your absence. Never forget to lock your phone whenever it is not in use. If possible set the phone on the auto-lock mode so that it can be locked automatically after sometime.

When you use your mobile phones for internet surfing, ensure that you do not click on links without carefully judging the reliability of those links. If you click on malicious links then a malware or virus may enter your phone and cause permanent or temporary damage to it.

The mobile applications that you download must be credible and should be downloaded from authentic sources such as Nokia Apps, Google Play, Samsung Apps etc. Check the reviews of the different applications you want to download and also the user ratings of these applications.

It would be a wise move on your part to install security software on your cell phone. In this way you can make sure that your phone is protected from viruses and corrupt applications. You should backup the essential data stored on your mobile phone so that is preserved even if the mobile phone is damaged.