Benefits of iPhone 5 Arm Band

iPhone 5 Arm BandRunning with arm band is a different experience altogether than running without it. While you are jogging or running the comfort level of the minimalist design of the arm band Ease-Fit for Appleā€™s iPhone 5is appreciable as it is made of light material Lycra. The phone is always kept at hand and does not disturb while you are doing the work. It is a non interference tool. Despite being light it is secured and does not feel tight. The workmanship and the quality of the product is well thought of. The logo is washable; the cover of the window is clear which provides complete navigation.

At first the idea might not appeal to you of using an arm band but it is no hassle if you try something new. The benefits of arm band are:

Physical exercise – for running, jogging and using the gym equipment the iPhone 5 arm band lets you concentrate on your work of physical activity rather than constantly looking at the phone. Since some of you might have the habit of changing songs, watsapping, texting which hinders the timing of the physical exercise it is best to wear an arm band.

For certain tabulations– For checking the progress of the run or using the equipment of the gym the app in iPhone Walk Jog Run can be checked though it will be little difficult than before to check it with the arm band on.

The arm band secures the phone – the top of the phone is covered with a flab which protects it from water and the phone falling and striking is also minimized because of the arm band.

The basic features – The arm band is easy to be taken out and easy to put in too. Fogging up of the screen cover does not happen. The arm band is facilitated with layers of shirt and jacket running due to the area of Velcro. The arm band of iPhone 5 is also weather resistant and sweat resistant. When you work out the wire hangs free which is not distracting. In fact the entire music setting can be listened to with the head phones and Bluetooth set.

The settings can be adjusted even when the phone is in the arm band. The size of the compression varies so you can easily stretch it according to the size of the arm. There are many other mini features that can be purchased with the arm band like the clips which helps in tying the wires together. In fact if you have to use the iPhone there is no need to take out the iPhone. The arm band is durable; this ensures that the iPhone is safe. There is also a screen protector available with the arm band for further security. Today the arm band is not used only by the athletes rather by everyone who has a zeal for trying new and advanced technology which helps in the long run while you exercise your way out.