Android Phones in 2015 – What To Expect

Android Phones in 2015 Are you planning a latest Android smartphone this year? That’s great since the latest models are equipped with the newly updated Lollipop 5.0 Android version – which is claimed to be the most ambitious and largest release from Android till date. So what to expect from the cutting edge Lollipop 5.0 Android mobile phones in 2015?


Keeping parity with an esteemed rival software group, Android 2015 mobiles have come up with Continuity facility- where the user would be allowed to pick up from where he left. The Lollipop 5.0 is designed to assure immediate accession to recent searches, apps, photos, songs etc. right from where left.

Material design

The new Android phones promise Material design that assures an extremely intuitive interface & fluid transitions in between tasks. With the Material Design, the elements would shrink & expand dynamically & there would be better spacing in between them. Moreover, Material Design assures an overall 3D appearance.


Much to the delight of the active and continuous users, the new Android smartphones are backed by an advanced battery-saving feature which extends the device longevity by up till 90 minutes. It is really handy when you are traveling and don’t have power outlet everywhere. Besides, the new Android phones are engineered to alert you about time left for a battery recharge & while it’s charging, the phone would inform on the needed time for a full charge as well.

Updated camera

This is a great news for the snap happy smartphone users who are always on the spree to capture moments with their handset. The latest Android mobile phones this year promise a better updated camera for superior shots. Lollipop 5.0 supports premium features such as fine settings tuning, burst mode, full resolution frame capture closer to 30 fps etc. Moreover, the new Android phones would also allow you to shoot in the raw formats such as Bayer RAW and YUV. Then, there is support for 4K UHD video playback, improved streaming and tunneled video that guarantees high end video playback. Lollipop has also added professional features that control the settings for lens, sensor and flash at every individual frame.

Enhanced security

The new Android mobiles will allow you to share the device with security in guest-user mode. You will be able to create several accounts so that your buddies too can check out their profiles from your phone. The best part is that, no matter how much others log in from your phone, your files would stay completely guarded from them.

Smoother experience

This is another great bit about the new Android mobile phones that you would be getting in 2015. The latest Android devices are designed with new ART runtime that has claimed to up the battery life, device responsiveness and app performance. According to statements from Google, the new Android upgradation comes up with 4x improved OS performance in comparison to the previous OS version. It compacts the background apps & services enabling you to perform more functions at once.