Features Of Google Pixel 2

Comparison of Google pixel 2

Features of Google pixel 2

The first Google pixel had certain features which made it stood out in the year 2016. The rear camera of the phone was something which no other phones offer. Google assistant was the first assistant of the phone and the endless photo storage was the best part. However apart from these features, Google pixel was not something extraordinary or let’s says it was quite dull. Dull is not just related with the looks. However the specifications that Google pixel gave offer the best android experience but from a consumer’s point of view, they will always go for comparison when they invest in an expensive phone like Pixel or Pixel XL. To satisfy the customers, here are some of the attractive features of Google Pixel 2 which will compete with the leading phones like Samsung galaxy S8 or IPhone 7.

  • Design

There have been two strong opinions about the design of pixel phone on the internet. The first one is that they look way too much similar with that of the iPhone and the second one is that they look quite plain and boring. When the pixel phones are compared to the phones having curved glass like Samsung galaxy S7 edge, they actually quite boring. The first opinion is bit difficult to deny. If you have a look at the front side of the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, their similarity can’t be denied. HTC, the company which have contracted to manufacture such phones and they also built up their own iPhone clone not a long time ago which also looked quite similar with that of the Pixel coincidently. However the Pixel phone looks like Google have assembled something in hurry. The second opinion also deserves some credibility as when someone is investing a big amount they would not want something mild looking. The squarish glass placed right above aluminum back looks bit out of place. This glass also breaks much easily which Google should have paid some focus on.

  • Water resistance

Google ran out of time for making their first Pixel phone totally dust and water resistant. This is the reason that they are IP53 certified instead of IP67 or IP68 certified. Now let’s understand this in simple language if your phone is IP53 certified than it can survive casual splashes of water. If you put phone fully in water then also it will be fine in case of IP67 or IP68. No one will intentionally dip their phone in water but every popular phone in today’s time like iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus or Samsung galaxy S8 are prepared for the scenario of accidentally being dumped in the water. This was a drawback in the 1st Pixel but it has been overcome in case of Google Pixel 2 and it has been made totally dust and water proof.

  • Dual rear camera

Google pixel 2 has the dual rear camera set up and this set up will allow zooming the subject without losing any detail. There is also a feature to blur the background and focus only on the object.