Tips To Make Your Android Run Faster

help your android to run faster

Make your android run faster

It is really very annoying to spend lots and lots of bucks on an android device which hangs every few hours and you can’t have smooth functioning of the phone. Time runs very fast and in this fast running time, slow running android device is the worst thing you can ever get. Well if you like your phone and you don’t want to buy a new one or your budget don’t allow you to do so then there are several other ways which can help you to make your android run faster. Here are some of the easy ways to make your android run faster.

  • Clear your home screen

If you are keeping live wallpaper on your screen then it will adversely affect your phone in two ways. One of the adverse effects of live wallpaper is that they eat up lots of battery and the other one is that it makes your phone to work slowly. Replace you wallpaper with an image which is static and not live. You should also clear up all the unused icons from your phone and also keep some of the essential widgets on the screen only. Better will be the performance of your phone if lesser cluttered your home screen is.

  • Delete unused apps

Why to give up space to those apps which you never use in your phone. Extra apps will cover up huge space in your phone and it will make the performance of your phone slow. If your phone is filled up with lots of unused apps then take immediate steps and delete all of them and see the change in the performance of your phone. If you don’t want to delete the app, you can simply uninstall it as it will also boost up your android’s speed.

  • Clear cached data

Every app has certain cached data which occupies the memory of the phone and make it to work slowly. If you want your android to run faster than you will have to clear cached data on regular basis. Clearing cached data will help to load those apps more rapidly. If you don’t clear it regularly, it will start getting build up and taking up more space in your phone and slowing it down. If you want to pick individual app then you will have to go to the settings and then go to the apps and clear the cached data from there. You can also install an app named CCleaner. This will help to clean the cached data and help your phone to perform well.

  • Try factory reset

This is a huge step but many people suggest that it should be done periodically if you wish that your android should run in proper condition. This is like a shortcut for clearing out all of the junks that you have collected over period of time. However this steps involves wiping the entire data that you have on your phone. Hence before doing factory reset, take back up of entire data of your phone and go for it.



Phones Having Best Battery Life

Phones having higher battery life

Phones with high battery life

The last thing that you want to happen with you is that your phone is running out of battery just at the moment when you need it the most. While buying a new phone, you check out several features which are extremely essential like ram, memory, camera and such other things. Well what’s the use of all these features when your phone is not having enough battery to use and incorporate all these features? There are many options available like power bank which you can carry anywhere and use whenever your phone is out of battery. But won’t it be bit irritating that your phone is always running out of battery and you always have to hang the power bank along? Yes after a period of time, you will feel annoyed and hence one of the added things to check while buying a new phone is the battery life. You can sacrifice on some other feature having a phone with good battery life is very much essential. If you feel that the battery of your phone is still stuck up in the 90’s and it does not last as long it as it ought to last then you are not the only person having this issue. If you are looking for such phones having best battery life then here is a list of top phones having best battery life.

  • Motorola Moto Z Play

This phone is among the list of cheapest among the list of Motorola Moto z series. However if something is cheap, it is bad this is not the how it works every time. It’s quite astonishing that being mid-range also, the battery life that Motorola Moto z play offers is the longest one among the battery life of Z line. The battery of this phone can last for 23 hours and to be precise extra 3 minutes. This cell phone is worth getting just because of its battery feature, though it also excels in other features too. If there is excessive use several apps and video player and such other things, and then the battery will last for 16 hours and 32 minutes which is also fairly impressive.

  • Huawei mate 9

Some of the attractive features of this phone are its big screen and along with that it has powerful Octa core processor and an attractive dual camera setting. Now it has all the attractive features that you demand in a phone. Well it also has the feature that you are seeking for; it has 4000mah battery which will work very efficiently throughout the whole day. With the exhaustive usage also, this phone will last for 18 hours and to be precise 35 minutes which is not very much common in other phones.

  • One plus 3T

This phone has fairly affordable pricing and it has very easily and effectively replaced its last phone which is OnePlus3. This phone has a surprisingly powerful processor and a very sharp and front facing camera. This phone has a battery life of 16 hours with impressive dash charging feature. Dash charging means it will allow your phone to charge very speedily.


Tips On Protecting Your Cell Phone

Ways of Protecting your phone

Tips of Protecting your phone

In this extremely developed technological world, cell phone has become one of the most dominant and extremely essential sources of communication. There was a time of landline but now it is becoming extinct. There was a time when there used to be one landline in home then the time changed and there used to be one cell phone in entire family which has now came to cell phone per each family member. Well people are having two to three cellphones now. This pocket size device is no longer the source of communication only, it has way too much functions apart from this. Internet browsing, navigation, data storage and many such other functions are there of cell phones. There are several essential personal details and information stored in the cell phones which makes this device worth protecting. There can be instances when there is sudden fall of cell phone which results in breakage and damage. Well cell phones don’t come cheap and when you are investing so much, you will have to think about the protection. Here are some of the steps of protecting your cell phones.

  • Cases, covers and skins

The exterior surface of majority of the cell phones are made up from plastic and the front surface are made from glass and both of them can be easily damaged by scuffs, scratches and drops. To protect your cell phone from such damages, you need to keep your cell phone protected and cases, covers and skins can be used for doing so. Well cases also help to make your cell phone look more beautiful. There are many cases which will show the brand of your phone along with protecting it. You reflect your personality through the case you choose. At several times, there can also be mix of cellphones which can cause exchange which can be really disastrous and costly. Having a phone case will make your phone different from others preventing mixing and exchange. There are also waterproof cases which will save your cell phone at the time of rain or in any such instances where water can damage your cell phone.

  • Data loss protection

The data stored in your phone can be valuable for you having such piece of information which might not be stored anywhere else. If you think the data stored in your valuable like messages, images, songs and such other things then you must go for taking backup. There are several applications which will sync your data automatically and help you take the backup. You are also available with the option of making your phone sync to the Google account if you are having Gmail account.

  • Screen protection

Screen is very delicate part of your phone and it is tend to scratch, break or scuff with regular usage. This can make your phone useless very quickly or it makes your use very irritating. To save your phone from such issues, you can install screen protection. There are plenty of types of screen protection, you can choose the one most suitable.

Top Expensive Phones In The World

Top expensive phones in the world

Most expensive phones in the world

The prices of most expensive phones would be far from your expectation. When you will come across the name of the phones and their pieces and you will think that it is totally insane to pay such a huge price for phone. However there are people who do exist and there are such phones which do exist for which such prices are also ready to be paid. If you haven’t come across such top expensive phones in the world with jaw dropping prices, then check this list and be aware of such phones.

  • Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

This phone is considered as the most expensive phone in the entire world. The price of this phone is 95.5 million US dollars. Yes you heard it right it is that high. The reason of the price of this phone being so high is plenty of diamonds which is there on the device. One of the major attractions of this phone is the huge 18 carat diamond which catches eye of any person having a glance at this phone. This huge diamond is said to be of two colors pink and blue but it is believed majorly of pink only. The cheaper one design of this phone also ranges 48 million US dollars and hence for this beautiful and huge diamond, 95.5 million dollars is justifiable making this phone, the most expensive mobile phone in the entire world.

  • iPhone 5 black diamond

You know that iPhone never comes cheap but this iPhone 5 black is way higher than what is called expensive costing 15.3 million US dollars making this phone second most expensive phone in the world. We all are very clearly aware that black diamonds are considered as some of the rarest form of diamonds and when it is used n iPhone, the price will definitely touch the limits of sky. There are only one or two pieces of these phones in the world and it is making use of black diamond along with other types of diamonds, gold and also some other rare and expensive stones.

  • iPhone 3G king ‘s button

This phone is on the 3rd position on the list of most expensive phones in the world carrying an amazingly high price of 1.3 million US dollars. The major attraction of this phone is the main button which is the home button which is made up of high qualitative 6.6 carat of diamond which gives immense level of beauty to this phone and is considered as one of the most luxurious phone in the world. Along with this highly expensive and quality, diamond, this phone also has 18 carat of yellow gold along with white and rose gold.

  • Goldvish le Million

This phone is getting the fourth position in the list of most expensive phones in the world because of it being designed by the great designer Emmanuel gueit. This phone is made up from pure white gold of 18 carat whose installation is done with VVS1 graded diamond of 120 carat.


Features Of Google Pixel 2

Comparison of Google pixel 2

Features of Google pixel 2

The first Google pixel had certain features which made it stood out in the year 2016. The rear camera of the phone was something which no other phones offer. Google assistant was the first assistant of the phone and the endless photo storage was the best part. However apart from these features, Google pixel was not something extraordinary or let’s says it was quite dull. Dull is not just related with the looks. However the specifications that Google pixel gave offer the best android experience but from a consumer’s point of view, they will always go for comparison when they invest in an expensive phone like Pixel or Pixel XL. To satisfy the customers, here are some of the attractive features of Google Pixel 2 which will compete with the leading phones like Samsung galaxy S8 or IPhone 7.

  • Design

There have been two strong opinions about the design of pixel phone on the internet. The first one is that they look way too much similar with that of the iPhone and the second one is that they look quite plain and boring. When the pixel phones are compared to the phones having curved glass like Samsung galaxy S7 edge, they actually quite boring. The first opinion is bit difficult to deny. If you have a look at the front side of the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, their similarity can’t be denied. HTC, the company which have contracted to manufacture such phones and they also built up their own iPhone clone not a long time ago which also looked quite similar with that of the Pixel coincidently. However the Pixel phone looks like Google have assembled something in hurry. The second opinion also deserves some credibility as when someone is investing a big amount they would not want something mild looking. The squarish glass placed right above aluminum back looks bit out of place. This glass also breaks much easily which Google should have paid some focus on.

  • Water resistance

Google ran out of time for making their first Pixel phone totally dust and water resistant. This is the reason that they are IP53 certified instead of IP67 or IP68 certified. Now let’s understand this in simple language if your phone is IP53 certified than it can survive casual splashes of water. If you put phone fully in water then also it will be fine in case of IP67 or IP68. No one will intentionally dip their phone in water but every popular phone in today’s time like iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus or Samsung galaxy S8 are prepared for the scenario of accidentally being dumped in the water. This was a drawback in the 1st Pixel but it has been overcome in case of Google Pixel 2 and it has been made totally dust and water proof.

  • Dual rear camera

Google pixel 2 has the dual rear camera set up and this set up will allow zooming the subject without losing any detail. There is also a feature to blur the background and focus only on the object.


Must Have Phone Accessories

Most important phone accessories

Must have phone accessories

That one thing which we always carry with us and use the most in today’s time is our phone. We might give our closets keys to our dear one but we will not give our phone’s password to them, now you see our phone is that important to us. When something is that important, you need to care for it also. When you are dressing up for a party, just a good dress is not enough, you will want to have good shoes, good bag, good perfume and several other things which can complement with your dress. You will also have that same feeling with your phone. Having just a phone is not enough; you also need to have accessories which can complement with your phone. There are several must have phone accessories. These must have phone accessories will make the experience of using your phone more good or in other case you will not be able to stay without having those must have phone accessories. These must have phone accessories are very basic but still you would want to have them. Here is a list of some of them.

  • External battery

If you have some really use of your phone then you will be in constant fear that your phone will leave you in the urge and you cannot afford to lose that as it affects you a lot. In this case you can have an external battery for your use. These are like the cells which can charge your phone for four or five times. These smaller cells are easier to carry and use. It can fit in your pocket and has the capacity to charge any phone in the market.

  • Nice headphones

If you are a music lover and want to rock your feet on rock music or you like to watch videos while travelling then nice headphones is a must have phone accessory. This can be one of your daily use gadgets. You will definitely have earplugs with your phone but they are not much loud and will not last much. The real satisfaction lies in using good headphones.

  • Glass screen protector

Your phones screen is one of the most delicate part of your phone and however careful you are, there will be chances where you cannot be careful and would drop your phone. Repairing a broken screen can be quite costly and you want to bear that cost and hence it is advisable to install a glass screen protector on your phone. This is must have phone accessory and must apply this before even you start to use your phone

  • Phone case

You will have some drops, spills or kids using your phone and these are some of the basic reasons of damaging your phone. Now you cannot avoid these situations from happening but you can have cover when these things happen. Having a nice protective phone case will save your phone from many damages, spots and spills and is among the must have phone accessory.


Tips To Protect Your Touch Screen

Touch screen protection tips

Protecting your touch screen

In today’s time smart phones and tablets are available with very tough and even very much scratch resistant and come with touch screen panels. In many of today’s touch screen phone, there is corning gorilla glass which is very tough material for protecting your touch screen. It will protect your glass from getting scratched and cracked. It’s very important that you take proper care of your touch screen to make it long lasting. You cannot use your phone recklessly or else it can damage your screen and break it leading to replace it which can be really costly. To help you care for your phone and protect your touch screen, here are some of the tips and tricks to guide you.

  • Be careful while using tools

Most safe tool for operating your touch screen is your fingers only if not fingers then you can use stylus which comes with your phone. Say for example galaxy note 3 has a stylus with it and you can use it on your screen for operating it. In case of Sony Xperia Z Ultra have a pencil and it allows use of pencil on your screen. Well make sure it is allowed only on specified devices and you cannot use it on all.

  • Get alert about its limits

Try and don’t let your touch screen come in the contact with any other electrical things. Many people have misconception that magnet will cause damage to your phone, which is clearly a misconception only as magnets not at all damage your phone. The only which magnet does to your phone is it mess up built in magnet sensor which is basically used for compassing all the apps.

  • Don’t shock your phone

Make sure you don’t give your phone electrostatic discharges. This will cause a sudden surge of electricity between two connected electrical devices. This can definitely cause your touch screen to work inappropriately. This will happen if you place your phone nearby any device which is isolated from ground which can conduct electricity.

  • Use your phone with care

This is very obvious thing to protect your touch screen. Make sure to not to tap your phone with any sharp thing or make sure to not to bang it anywhere for making it work if it is not working properly. Your phone is not like your old TV. For protecting your touch screen, you have to calm and composed while using it. Make sure you don’t get very much excited while playing candy crush and apply extreme pressure on your phone. This can really damage your touch screen.

  • Don’t let it be idle

Have you ever heard burn in? This is what happens when you are leaving your phone idle and not using it and even not turning off its display for a long period of time. Hence make sure to not to leave your phone idle for too long period of time to save your phone from burn in.

Top Phones With Great Camera

Phone having good camera

Phone with good camera

There was a time when people use to see battery life and durability of phone. These should be the basic and most important factors in phone. This is now changed a lot. Today’s generation is photo maniac and one of the most important factors they search in their phone is great camera. Cameras in your smartphones have also become very smart and you get amazing pictures that you don’t even feel the need of actual camera. In a way phone is taking place of cameras. Phones with great camera has several features which have greatly improved quality images taken by the smartphones having OIS (optical image stabilization), bright lenses, large sensors and optical zoom features making smart phones even advanced for photography. The photographic capacities of smartphones have become a big point for selling. Many of the premium smartphones also have feature of shooting raw photos so that you can have total control of image processing. If you are also photo maniac and love taking pictures and considering a new phone having this quality, here is a list of phones having great camera.

  • Samsung galaxy S7

This phone is having 12 megapixel of rear camera. This phone also has dual pixel quality with a bright 1.7 aperture. This phone possess a quad HD screen for having a crystal clear view and it has a capacity to capture 4K video along with 8 megapixel still when it is there on the video mode. This phone with great camera is waterproof and dustproof till the depth of 1.5m for a time period of 30 minutes. It also has the ability of expanding its memory by inserting a micro SD card and a tough gorilla glass on your screen and also on the backside of the phone. This phone with great camera is perfect for those people who would like to get out and take plenty of images despite of the type of weather. The operation speed of this phone with great camera is also very impressive and its volume button can also be used as shutter button.

  • Sony xperia Z5 compact

This phone with great camera has 23 megapixel, f2.0 camera on back and 5 megapixels in the front for selfie. This phone also have the capacity of capturing 4K videos which is perfect for those who loves taking videos and photos. The size of phone is 5 inches in height and it is 2.55 inches in width. This phone with great camera is dust proof along with being water proof. The battery of this phone lasts for approximately 2 days. This phone is great for those who loves photography but are very much conscious about the size of the phone.

  • Moto X play

This phone with great camera is placed in the middle of the Moto x style and Moto G in the current smartphone range of Motorola. It has 21 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera having a display of 5.5 inch.

Pros And Cons Of Wireless Charging System


Advantages and disadvantages of wireless chargers

Wireless charging system is a great innovation in the technology world. Wireless charging system has come long way in making a wide eco system of these devices in private homes and also public businesses. Hence now it can be integrated into anything if you want to get your device charged automatically. The benefits or advantages of wireless charging system have become too much evident and prevalent. People love to use wireless charging systems. With all its prevalent usage and advantages, it also has some of the drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of wireless charging system.


  • Convenience

Benefits of using wireless charging system are that it never has to fiddle with cords. Wireless charging systems remove the need of using messy cords and it avails you with using more convenient charging experience. You just have to drop your device on the charging station or in the charging station and you will get your phone charged. Here you don’t have to deal with cords and hence the chances of breakage and wear and tear are not very much less. If you have ever dealt with broken phone charger then you will realize how easy and comfortable it is to use a charger where there this probability is very much low. Even in case of wireless charging system, you don’t have to deal with remembering where you left the cord of your charger or even don’t have to worry about the various types of chargers for various devices. If you are having a wireless charging device, you can charge all your chargers simultaneously.

  • Integration

One of the major pros of using wireless charger is that some of the wireless charging technologies has the ability to integrate into any of device size of even shape. You just need to have a tiny wireless charging receiver and it can be implemented into any of the small device like headphones, smart watch in order to make wireless charging possible for all.

  • Multiple device being charged wirelessly

Each and every person in today’s world has too many electronic devices and they all need to be charged for usage. Having a wireless charging system enables you to charge all them without any tangled cords and confusion as to which charger belongs to which device or any such other confusion. The clutter will also be less and things will be more managed.


  • Slow performance

One of the major drawbacks of using wireless charging system is its slow performance. This is one of the reasons why it is not fully integrated and considered to be less efficient than a traditional charger. It depends upon the technology of the charger; certain charger cannot reach the same level of efficiency as that of traditional charger. Hence the process tends to be bit slower. The heat which is generated in such types of chargers is really very high as compared to that of traditional chargers which is also a big drawback.


Tips To Conserve Your Phone’s Battery

Conserve your phones battery with right tips

Conserve your phones battery with proper tricks

Apple, blackberry and Samsung  and many other local brands have come up with smartphones which are now equipped with many powerful mobile operating systems like Nokia’s Symbian, Apples IOS and Google’s Android which allows the user with facility to play games, listen music, click pictures, stream videos and access to net. With many such things running on the same time it is but obvious that the battery life of your phone will be affected. Your phone will be using more battery and draining more battery with all multiple functions and varied range of capabilities. In such case, you will be hunting for something which can conserve your phone’s battery. It is very irritating to charge your phone very frequently and hence you search for those things which can conserve your phone’s battery. By making some simple changes in the way of using your phone, you can easily conserve your phone’s battery. Here are some of the useful and easy tips to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Turn off vibrations

One of the very easy ways to conserve your phone’s battery is to turn off vibrations. Vibrations are great for you to get notifications about messages or incoming calls when you are in meeting or you are in theatre or any other place where you need to keep your phone on silent. But when you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you need to keep your phone on ringing as vibrations generally eat up more battery as compared to ringtones. Thus when you are not in any situation where you need to keep your phone on vibration mode, you must opt for keeping your phone on ringing to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Dim your screen

This one simple tip can conserve your phone’s battery to great extent. You can see a drastic change in your battery by making your screen dim. It is obvious that keeping your brightness to the highest will consume more battery. Every single time you use your phone, it will consume higher amount of battery. Thus keep your brightness low especially at those times when you are not using your phone. You are also availed with an auto brightness option in your phone, it will adjust the brightness according to the type of work you are doing. Keeping your brightness level always low can save your battery life to great extent in the long run.

  • Shorten screen timeout

If you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must pay focus on your screens display. Keeping the display always active also eats up lots of your battery. Thus try and shorten the screen timeout and see the change in your battery consumption. This will decide for how long your screen will be lit up even after you are done with using your phone. Many of you have a habit of keeping no screen timeout and then locking the phone when the work is done. But it can happen many of the times you forget to lock the phone and thus your battery is wasted a lot. Thus if you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must shorten screen timeout.