Broadband or Dial up – which is best for small office network

Dial up Vs BroadbandIf you have almost completed the work of your new office, you will have to make arrangements to get the computer network for the office. And for this you have to decide whether you want the broadband connection or the dial up connection. To take your pick, you will have to weigh one against the other.

The broadband internet connection connects to the internet through cable, satellite internet or DSL whereas the dial up connections connects to the internet through a dedicated phone line and modem. In case of dial up connection, an access number needs to be dialed to get the internet connection and no access number is required in case of broadband connection. Also, in case of dial up connection voice and the internet connection cannot be used simultaneously. In case of dial up connection, the IP address changes constantly protecting it from hackers. In case of broadband connection the IP address remains the same.