Benefits of Using Android Apps

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Android Apps coming out from a smartphone

Smartphones have made up their routes to our day to day period. In fact we can say, we cannot deal with our day without using them. They have in fact become our need for daily use. Taking from reading the books to online shopping, each and everything you need your smartphone with you. And what makes the use of smartphone easier, the android apps installed. Android is a better version that simplifies our operations while using the smartphones. Smartphone has become the personalize source for entertainment and some of the important formation. In today’s time, if you want to send an important sms or any email, you simply need to know the operations for using your smartphone. If you’re selecting android to be your stage for exploring more of your work, it is considered to be the right choice.

Here is the list of benefits any person can avail by using the android apps. Don’t hesitate for anything, as you will know come to know and get more familiar with things if you actually use it. Let’s see ahead!

Android app using benefits:

  • Android applications are free. Android is one of the open source of using has comparatively comprise of low entry barriers and this simply results in allowing the small business for growing its business by using the operating system. The operating system of android is very simply and efficient that can easily be learned by any of the people.
  • Well, android applications are hot in trend. And it is always advisable of installing the most prevailed trend for growing the scope of your business. According the latest figures and it is more than 83 percentage of the entire market share I the terms of smartphone market. In fact it is termed that more than 1 million of the devices are powered by the android operating system.
  • It is considered to be the huge market which offers with huge opportunities of growing their scape of business. Even, there are many of the software that is helpful for getting known to the operating system of the android. You can easily build up the applications for your business. It will help you in improving the scope of your business too.
  • Even, the key benefit of using android app, it allows a free passage for keeping your creativity and imagination for making your business app more efficient and effective for the people out there. Well, I guess no other platform might offer you with the free passage for being creative and express your imagination on it.
  • In fact the android apps don’t have such huge process of going through the strict and stringent process of approval for simply making their way to the market. So basically from the process of presenting it, preparing it, making the changes according to the business and to the process of approval, it is really a short one that can help you in easily starting up with your idea to explore. using android app for you benefits is worth for investing in for growing your business.

Tips on Boosting Android Phone’s Battery Life

Animated image of Android Phone’s Battery Life

Increase in your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Varied and ample of technology, system and drives are upgrading day by day. Most of the companies are behind launching their best piece of technology in the form of smart phone. They are well powerful to use but unfortunately, they are supported with endless battery life. In fact many of us might be enlighten by the battery charged whole night is sufficient enough for whole day. But, sadly it sometimes isn’t what we are in need of. There are number of things and factors that are used by different companies for changing the look, appearance by making it look even thinner, brighter screens, even larger screens, more software benefits, upgraded version of quod core processor and many other things are increasing the interest of people for buying it.

But, there’s nothing more interesting towards increasing the battery life. But, there’s nothing to worry about because there are certain things you can perform. By performing it, you can simply boost your android phone’s battery life. Try out these tips for exercising and noticing the boosting of your android phone’s battery life.

Android phone’s battery life boosting tips:

  • Try to find out, which application is sucking most of your battery life in your android phone. Start by navigating to the settings and see to the battery organizer chart. It’ll simply show you the breakdown of application consuming the most of the battery out of your android phone.
  • If you observe the application that your barely even use is consuming more of the battery, simply uninstall it or turn off the featuring effects of that application. Reduce the use of Facebook, twitter, emails from your android phones.
  • Reduce their polling frequency for noticing any change in your better consumption. If you’re not fond of any hardware radio on your phone, it’s advisable of shutting it of right away. There are chances that it might increase and consume more of battery life from your android phone.
  • Turn off your GPS, Wi-Fi, or LTE that you observe on in your android phone. They consume most of the battery because it also needs a constant flow of internet. As it is a location based application, access over internet is constant. It might drain up your battery life to a faster extend than you’ve thought of.
  • If you’re android phone is supplied with the feature of power saving mode, make the use of that application for saving on the batter life in your android phones. Extreme or ultra-power saving mode is a beneficial key that respectively limits the use of texts, web browsing, Facebook and even the phone calls.
  • Even it can last for few remaining percentage for extending up to 4 to 5 hours more. It’s advisable of trimming the applications running behind your background. Many a times, we don’t know which applications are running and this results in simply draining the battery life of your android phone. Clear the RAM for 2 to 3 times a day for enjoying the speed as well as the longer durability of battery life in your android phones.

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performance

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performanceThere are many things which can help you in the matters of going for and keeping your android phones at uttermost performance which can be considered to be in your benefits only. Many users might be thinking that it would be difficult and rather enough technical to go with the process of keeping your android phones at uttermost performance but I would say that it is easier to comply with it because the things which you are going to understand further are going to be pretty much easier and you can comply it without taking the help of the professional. Taking good care of your android phone is considered to be the first duty of the users which they need to go for complying.

This article will help the users in getting with the guide of how to keep your android phones at uttermost performance which they can go for by sitting at their home. well, for instance let me help you with certain things which can be considered to be keeping your android phones at uttermost performance like keeping fully charged up phone, maintaining your android phones, deleting the unused applications which are being stored in your android phones, etc. and many more of the things which can be considered to be the tips which can help you in keeping your android phones at uttermost performance.

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performance


  • Well, frankly there are many tips which can help you in going for keeping your android phones at uttermost performance but amongst them the first one which you can go for trying up is keeping your android phone to be fully charged. Yes, with the help of it you won’t be able to face any of the issues which are considered to be beneficial for the android users.
  • In simple words, I can say that according to me keeping it fully charge will help you android phone is longer lasting performance which is considered to be important for the user. Another thing which can help you in keeping your android phone at uttermost performance is installing and downloading memory management software which is will help you in not letting your memory get lost and will result in to getting your phone to be perfect.
  • Go for closing your unused application which you are no more using in your android phone. This will help you in reducing your phones’ usage which will be making your phone work even more effectively. Not only that , you can also go for uninstalling such application which you are no more taking in to use because it will help you in getting your phone to be having more spaces which will be beneficial for the users.
  • You must keep certain things in mind which can help you in the matters of going for keeping your android phone at uttermost performance by cleaning up the browsing history and the caches and cookies which are present in your phone. Deleting the caches and cookies will help you in making your phone to be free of most used things and will provide you with more of storage in your phone.




Android Phones in 2015 – What To Expect

Android Phones in 2015 Are you planning a latest Android smartphone this year? That’s great since the latest models are equipped with the newly updated Lollipop 5.0 Android version – which is claimed to be the most ambitious and largest release from Android till date. So what to expect from the cutting edge Lollipop 5.0 Android mobile phones in 2015?


Keeping parity with an esteemed rival software group, Android 2015 mobiles have come up with Continuity facility- where the user would be allowed to pick up from where he left. The Lollipop 5.0 is designed to assure immediate accession to recent searches, apps, photos, songs etc. right from where left.

Material design

The new Android phones promise Material design that assures an extremely intuitive interface & fluid transitions in between tasks. With the Material Design, the elements would shrink & expand dynamically & there would be better spacing in between them. Moreover, Material Design assures an overall 3D appearance.


Much to the delight of the active and continuous users, the new Android smartphones are backed by an advanced battery-saving feature which extends the device longevity by up till 90 minutes. It is really handy when you are traveling and don’t have power outlet everywhere. Besides, the new Android phones are engineered to alert you about time left for a battery recharge & while it’s charging, the phone would inform on the needed time for a full charge as well.

Updated camera

This is a great news for the snap happy smartphone users who are always on the spree to capture moments with their handset. The latest Android mobile phones this year promise a better updated camera for superior shots. Lollipop 5.0 supports premium features such as fine settings tuning, burst mode, full resolution frame capture closer to 30 fps etc. Moreover, the new Android phones would also allow you to shoot in the raw formats such as Bayer RAW and YUV. Then, there is support for 4K UHD video playback, improved streaming and tunneled video that guarantees high end video playback. Lollipop has also added professional features that control the settings for lens, sensor and flash at every individual frame.

Enhanced security

The new Android mobiles will allow you to share the device with security in guest-user mode. You will be able to create several accounts so that your buddies too can check out their profiles from your phone. The best part is that, no matter how much others log in from your phone, your files would stay completely guarded from them.

Smoother experience

This is another great bit about the new Android mobile phones that you would be getting in 2015. The latest Android devices are designed with new ART runtime that has claimed to up the battery life, device responsiveness and app performance. According to statements from Google, the new Android upgradation comes up with 4x improved OS performance in comparison to the previous OS version. It compacts the background apps & services enabling you to perform more functions at once.

How To Charge Android Phones Faster

Charge Android PhonesNothing can be worse if your phone gets dead when you need it the most or in the middle of the day. Most of us often forget to charge our phones and remember at the very last minute that you have low battery. But your phone takes too long to charge. Then, here are some tips that will help you charge your phone faster.

• Though these days the android device charges are universal it is best if you use your very phone’s charger to charge. The right plug and the right charger are two of the most essential things. You always should ensure that you plug in your phone into the wall socket that is in its best condition. Charging your phones by plugging them into your laptops or desktops only makes the process even slower. The charging speed definitely slows down and even the Qi wireless charging. So get rid off the concept of charging through laptops and desktops when in a hurry.

• To enable charging your device faster turn on the airplane mode. Depending on the phone that you are using there are many ways for you to be able to do this. For most of them all you have to do is long press the power button and you can then select the airplane mode option when it appears. Or you could go to settings and then search for the airplane mode option and just turn it on. Even though it is different for different phones most of us are aware of it and can do the same. This mode blocks all the wireless radios on your device. This means that you will not be able to receive any calls messages or internet update and access etc. You will neither be able to make call or send messages. But when you think of the result, that you shall have a phone that will be on for a longer time and for quite a few hours you know that it was all worth it.

• You might even turn your phone off completely if you know that you will not be needing it for some time. Although you shall not receive any notifications or alarms once you have switched it off completely, you might just be able to put up with it if you have no time and are in a hurry.

• Android phones come with so many features that they consume the battery much faster than you can expect. So, check if there are any unnecessary features running like the Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS etc turn them off. Closeout all the possible applications that are running. Stop the phone from automatically updating applications and performing back-ups. You can turn it all back again once the phone’s got charged and you are out with a charged phone.

• If you can neither put your phone on the airplane mode nor switch it off completely as you expect an important call or message try not to use and check the phone every other second. This is because the screen is said to be the biggest battery drainer of all.

Comparison between iOS and android

Android and iOS, mobile OSBoth iPhone and android mobile phone have become much popular these days. However if you are not very much familiar with any of these, then you should first know about both iOS and android before selecting any one. There are many features common in these two systems, but the few different features should be the decisive factor.

Android is much more user friendly due to the ease of using it. You can understand all the functions of the android system within few days of using it. But the case is not similar with the iOS which is much complex to use and difficult to understand.

While both android and iOS support popular applications like WhatsApp, Navigation, etc, the former supports some exciting games which are much entertaining. Also in most cases updating the prevalent iOS version is not easy and you may require registering by paying a specified amount, even if your phone supports the update. But you can update your android version very easily free of cost if your handset supports it.

Top Android Applications for Mobile Security

Android Applications for Mobile SecurityAndroid is the latest operating system for mobile devices. This is one of the best operating system for a smart phone user. Since it has become popular it also carries a threat from the hackers. You can secure your mobile device by downloading one of the few security applications available in the android market. The top four security application for android mobile is given below.

AVG is a security application that you can use to secure your phone from viruses and hackers. This software not only keeps your data secured but it also has the facility of tracking your device if it gets stolen.

Lookout mobile security is one of the most widely used security software in mobile devices. This software gives a real time security support so as helping in scanning every installed item.

Avast mobile security is security software indecent of Google play. In this security application you get the chance of locking your device, raising a siren or clearing history just with a SMS.

Comodo is a latest security application. This software keeps on getting updated after user permission. They scan the newly installed application and keep your mobile device secure.

You can use any of the mobile security application to secure your android mobile device.

Top 3 funny android apps

 android apps, funny applicationAre you looking for some cool Android apps? Well, the good bit is that Android has come up with a great host of fun Apps to the market and the post here presents a discussion on top 3 of them.

First of all you have Ringroid. It’s amazing and intuitive and exclusively designed for Android portal. It’s an application for ringtone composition that enables the user to mix & match your favorite tunes in seconds easily. You will also love SPB TV if you are always eager to know about the latest happening in the world space. The SPB TV comes with a one-time charge and allows you to check out on over hundreds of TV channels live from over 17 different nations.
The 3rd vote would go for WaveSecure which is great if you keep on losing the cell phone. Wavesecure is equipped to retrieve your data from phone and would also safeguard it from the malignant attacks.

Health apps for you android

Health apps, android applicationThere is nobody in this world who can deny the benefits of the latest gadgets to the human beings. With their contributions in almost all fields of life, the Android devices have also come with some of the best health apps that you can sue. One of the best apps of Android when it comes to health is the Jog Tracker 1.0.4.

The function is simple but it is very useful as when you go for runs, the app basically gets your time and distance calculated. The SportyPal is another app that is very helpful when health is in concern. The app is very popular among the cyclists and the runners. It offers a variety of analysis of your performance along with the time and distance. The Body Runner is also a very useful application in this regard and so is the Cardio Trainer. These are some of the many apps on your Android that you can use.

Top 3 apps for android

apps for android, android phonesOne of the best Android applications that you should know about is the ezPDF. This may not be the official reader this application can be very effective and it is worth a download. The features of the app are almost same as that of the application of the Adobe PDF Reader. However, this application is considered more useful if you are beginner. Another fine application would be the Astro File Manager.

This application will be very helpful when you are trying to get your apps installed easily on the phone. The application comes with other useful features as well. This will serve you as a task manger as well as a file customizer. The application will be able to create or extract Rar and the Zip files and get the attached to the emails of the user. Another great application is the Gmote 2.0. This is a very cool application as it will let you use your computer with a remote and the remote will be your phone.