Why and How to keep your Tablet or iPad Secure?

Tablet or iPad SecureAre you having trouble with malicious virus and other Trojan invading your iPad or tab? Well, most of the users are unaware of the right kind of security for their tablets and fall prey to hackers. Today these devices contain all the vital information like account details, email details, debit card details and numerous other user id and passwords. Thus, with a single virus attack you not only lose all the data but give an opportunity to hackers to know your personal information and misuse them.

You can purchase original antivirus software designed for tablets from QuickHeal, Kaspersky, Avast, AVG and many more. You can even download the trial version from the website and see how it works before making the purchase. Keep the Wi-Fi disabled when in public areas and never accept anything from any unknown Bluetooth devices. You should never open any attachment from unknown sender or download them on the device. Generally Mac OS can combat virus well but Trojans from facebook often attack the system and they come in the form of plug-in settings. Use the Mac on web can assist you in cleaning up the system.

Top three anti-virus for your windows phone

windows phone, anti virusThese days a mobile phone is not just a device used for calling people. The advent of smart phones has taken mobile phone to a level that is equivalent to a computer. You can almost do everything that your laptop can do. You can even find windows operating system in your mobile phones. As now your mobile phone is similar to a laptop so it holds the threat of virus attack too. To save your phone from any virus attack you can find different antivirus software in the market. The top three antivirus software for Windows phone are listed below.

• Kaspersky this is one of the best antivirus software available in the market for your phone. The company provides you a regular update and keeps your device safe from malwares, Trojans and other viruses.
• Netgin is antivirus software made for mobile devices. It works on well with the mobile devices and keeps them safe. It is also available at an affordable price.
• AVG antivirus is available for free. You can download its updates from your phone. It gives an extensive protection from all unauthorized attacks that are made on your phone.
So use the software and keep your data and phone protected.

Anti-theft mobile application

Mobile Anti Theft AppsIt is very important that you install an anti theft application for your mobile phone as your phone may contain a lot of data that can land you in trouble if it falls in the wrong hands. An anti theft software is the best possible way of keeping your mobile phone protected from thieves. It may not prevent theft but it is very effective when it comes to getting the phone recovered.

The software will operate in a stealth mode and so, the thieves will not be able to detect the process. You will be able to track your phone and the thieves will not be able to know it. Therefore, the possibility of getting the phone will naturally increase. There are a lot of anti theft applications available with the modern Smartphone that you can choose from. One of the best applications in this regard is the Lookout Mobile Security. Another popular name is Norton Mobile Security.

How to protect your mobile from virus attack

mobile phone anti virusIn order to get your phone protected from virus attacks, you can follow the following steps. Open the attachments on the phone with the same amount of caution as you would do with your computer. This will include the attachments in the MMS messages and the emails. You should not open those attachments that have been sent to you by people you do not know. If you see any suspicious messages, you should not open such an attachment.

You should avoid links or text messages that look suspicious. Do not click on the links that look questionable. If you have to get apps downloaded, you should get them downloaded from stores that are legitimate. You should also practice using your memory card in a safe way. You should not share the card with another cell phone as virus can be spread by the infected memory cards. The Bluetooth has to be set in a setting that is undiscoverable.

Mobile Phone Tracking Technology

mobile tracking technologyWith advancement in technology, there have been many changes in our lives. Today almost everyone has a mobile phone. Mobiles have helped us stay in contact with the rest of the world while we are on the go. Even youngsters have mobiles these days which makes it easy for parents top know their whereabouts when they are put. It’s a safe option to add a tracking device or software to their phone so that you can come for help if they are in trouble.

Tracking software and devices of phones also come handy if your phone gets stolen. So if you’re planning to add this feature to a phone, then it’s a good idea. LBS or Location Based Service is the most commonly used feature when it comes to mobile tracking. A physical device can be added to the desired cell phone or simple tracking software can be added and it can be monitored from another phone or PC anytime it’s activated in the other phone.

Ways to lock your android phone

Unlock Android PhoneIn order to get the android phone locked, the first step that you have to take is stopping the physical accesses to your phone. If you lose your phone and someone else finds it, stopping the physical access will not let the person go through the personal information that is inside the phone. Certain phones have programs of dual authentication. There are some android that will automatically be locked if they are not used for a long time.

If the phone is unable to connect to the home network, the matter of the phone will be erased and deleted. You may also encrypt your data to 265 as it is quite effective for classified data. You may also add a priority protocol like HAIPE or High Assurance Internet Protocol Encrypt. These are the steps that you will have to follow in order to get your Android phone locked in case it is lost or stolen.

How to ensure mobile phone security

Mobile Phone SecurityMobile phones can have a lot of personal data that you may not want to disclose with other people. The new Smartphone are quite sophisticated gadgets which may contain important documents and confidential information that can prove to be quite dangerous if it falls in the wrong hands

Therefore, it is very important that you ensure the security of your mobile phone. However, it has become easier to get your phone tracked down these days as most of the phones are equipped with GPS. Therefore, you have to make sure that you buy a phone that is GPS enabled. Another way of protecting the important data in your phone is setting up a password. This will protect the device from any kind of unauthorized use. Try not to leave the phone unattended and try not to let other people use the phone. Do not set up the phone with unknown devices.