Top Phones With Great Camera

Phone having good camera

Phone with good camera

There was a time when people use to see battery life and durability of phone. These should be the basic and most important factors in phone. This is now changed a lot. Today’s generation is photo maniac and one of the most important factors they search in their phone is great camera. Cameras in your smartphones have also become very smart and you get amazing pictures that you don’t even feel the need of actual camera. In a way phone is taking place of cameras. Phones with great camera has several features which have greatly improved quality images taken by the smartphones having OIS (optical image stabilization), bright lenses, large sensors and optical zoom features making smart phones even advanced for photography. The photographic capacities of smartphones have become a big point for selling. Many of the premium smartphones also have feature of shooting raw photos so that you can have total control of image processing. If you are also photo maniac and love taking pictures and considering a new phone having this quality, here is a list of phones having great camera.

  • Samsung galaxy S7

This phone is having 12 megapixel of rear camera. This phone also has dual pixel quality with a bright 1.7 aperture. This phone possess a quad HD screen for having a crystal clear view and it has a capacity to capture 4K video along with 8 megapixel still when it is there on the video mode. This phone with great camera is waterproof and dustproof till the depth of 1.5m for a time period of 30 minutes. It also has the ability of expanding its memory by inserting a micro SD card and a tough gorilla glass on your screen and also on the backside of the phone. This phone with great camera is perfect for those people who would like to get out and take plenty of images despite of the type of weather. The operation speed of this phone with great camera is also very impressive and its volume button can also be used as shutter button.

  • Sony xperia Z5 compact

This phone with great camera has 23 megapixel, f2.0 camera on back and 5 megapixels in the front for selfie. This phone also have the capacity of capturing 4K videos which is perfect for those who loves taking videos and photos. The size of phone is 5 inches in height and it is 2.55 inches in width. This phone with great camera is dust proof along with being water proof. The battery of this phone lasts for approximately 2 days. This phone is great for those who loves photography but are very much conscious about the size of the phone.

  • Moto X play

This phone with great camera is placed in the middle of the Moto x style and Moto G in the current smartphone range of Motorola. It has 21 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera having a display of 5.5 inch.

Tips To Conserve Your Phone’s Battery

Conserve your phones battery with right tips

Conserve your phones battery with proper tricks

Apple, blackberry and Samsung  and many other local brands have come up with smartphones which are now equipped with many powerful mobile operating systems like Nokia’s Symbian, Apples IOS and Google’s Android which allows the user with facility to play games, listen music, click pictures, stream videos and access to net. With many such things running on the same time it is but obvious that the battery life of your phone will be affected. Your phone will be using more battery and draining more battery with all multiple functions and varied range of capabilities. In such case, you will be hunting for something which can conserve your phone’s battery. It is very irritating to charge your phone very frequently and hence you search for those things which can conserve your phone’s battery. By making some simple changes in the way of using your phone, you can easily conserve your phone’s battery. Here are some of the useful and easy tips to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Turn off vibrations

One of the very easy ways to conserve your phone’s battery is to turn off vibrations. Vibrations are great for you to get notifications about messages or incoming calls when you are in meeting or you are in theatre or any other place where you need to keep your phone on silent. But when you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you need to keep your phone on ringing as vibrations generally eat up more battery as compared to ringtones. Thus when you are not in any situation where you need to keep your phone on vibration mode, you must opt for keeping your phone on ringing to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Dim your screen

This one simple tip can conserve your phone’s battery to great extent. You can see a drastic change in your battery by making your screen dim. It is obvious that keeping your brightness to the highest will consume more battery. Every single time you use your phone, it will consume higher amount of battery. Thus keep your brightness low especially at those times when you are not using your phone. You are also availed with an auto brightness option in your phone, it will adjust the brightness according to the type of work you are doing. Keeping your brightness level always low can save your battery life to great extent in the long run.

  • Shorten screen timeout

If you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must pay focus on your screens display. Keeping the display always active also eats up lots of your battery. Thus try and shorten the screen timeout and see the change in your battery consumption. This will decide for how long your screen will be lit up even after you are done with using your phone. Many of you have a habit of keeping no screen timeout and then locking the phone when the work is done. But it can happen many of the times you forget to lock the phone and thus your battery is wasted a lot. Thus if you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must shorten screen timeout.

IPhone 7- Review, Release Date, Specifications

iPhone 7We all know that why iPhone is being so much famous and its need is being increasing day by day. There are many reasons behind this success of  like the trend, its dramatic look which it gives to its users, the brand name of course; the varieties of features with the bets look ever, right? All these things make it more relevant for the users getting more attracted towards it. And the most awaited generation of iPhone which we are waiting for is the iPhone 7 which is being introduced soon in the market but not this year, next year. We all are fond of having iPhone in for our use right? Well, the further discussion will help you in getting more ideas about new iPhone 7 which is going to be reviewed further.

The reviews, release date, and its specification of iPhone is making more of the users being attracted towards it and making it more relevant to purchase it. Well, there are many specification and other things in new iPhone which makes it more popular and are going to be the part of it when it will be introduced in the market like, waterproof, high screen resolution, increasing battery life, etc. and many more the things which are being covered in the new iPhone 7 which is being reviewed further in this article.

IPhone 7- review, release date, specification

  • It makes it more anxious to know about the different specifications which are being given to the next generation of iPhone which is being introduced in the market next year. There are many changes which you can observe in it when it is being introduced in the market.
  • Design

We all know that iPhone is considered to be having more of its attraction towards its look which is being provided by apple company right? So mark my words they are going to help you in providing certainly one of the best designs till now as compared to the last generation of these series. They probably are going to go for redesigning some of its parts which will make it more attractive to the users of purchasing it. It is considered to be pretty much difficult to go for getting the information but the rumors are, it would be thinner than the last generation, clearer camera, etc.

  • High screen resolution

Well, it can be considered to be one of the important parts of the new iPhone 7 which is going to be launched up in the market. It will provide you with the facility of higher screen resolution which is considered of having many benefits to the users. It would be more sharp resolution which it will provide you in the new iPhone 7.

  • The release date of the next generation of iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 is rumored to be in the mid- September of 2016. Which is considered to be near by the end of this year right? It is being not confirmed but just being expected which you can wait for until it get launched in the market.



Comparison Of IPhone With Android Devices

Iphone vs androidIn current generation when you want to opt for new phone, you basically have two primary options to choose from.  These primary and most prevalent options for new phone are android and iPhone. Having an android device and switching to iPhone or having iPhone and switching to android can be little bit challenging at first instance as you have learn a totally new interface and work out with those apps which you may or may not like. There is also some or the other differences between both of them in a way they connect you to the cell phones of your friends and family. Here is a simple comparison between iPhone and android devices along with the pros and cons of each one of them to help you decide which one to opt.

Android device


  • The open platform of Google allows for more freedom in the terms of development. This means that you can make the ultimate use of your android device and all its capabilities. For example you can create Wi-Fi hotspot which is not possible in case of iTunes app store.
  • You can get a plenty of choice in Android device handset. You can get a plenty of options like having big screen, or small screen or a touch screen or QWERTY keyboard.


  • Every app will not work on android device which is designed and developed for it and also there are plenty of apps of the Google play which are also there on the iTunes store.
  • The general operating system of android device is not as smoother as it is of the IPhone.



  • You can get a varied selection of apps ITunes app store and as iPhones are so popular developers of apps usually releases apps on the iTunes first for the iPhones way before they release the same app on other platform.
  • As compared to other platforms, IOS is very much easy to use and it is also more elegant. This is the biggest advantage of the iPhone as everything works very nicely. Thus there is no problem in terms of reliability and the experience of using iPhone is very stable and streamlined.
  • The camera of iPhone is way too good and stunning. It is one of the best feature you get using iPhone. You don’t need to be good in taking pictures and still you will get some fabulous click of yours without much effort.


  • Using an iPhone when you are conjunction with your family and friends can be really tough. There is a wide range of compatibility issue and certain restrictions which are placed by iPhone to stop the device from connecting to non-iPhone devices.
  • IPhone has lot of catch up on and the speedy development of android has left IOS stunned with the trendy technological advancements. Say for example the notification system and the camera software thing in the android is far more developed of the android devices as compared to the iPhone.

Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

buying a SmartphoneNowadays it is a very tough job to select the best Smartphone from the market. With time innovations are reaching the highest level when it comes to smart phones. The quantity of smart phones in the market seems to be ever increasing. You should have the basic knowledge regarding smart phones before going to buy one of it. The main thing that you need to make clear before entering a store is the budget that you have kept for the phone. The easy tips if followed can help you to choose the best smart phone for you.

A carrier facility is common in U.S. Usually people do not buy a smart phone there without a carrier. Signing of a 2 years agreement and allowing a good amount of discount is the offer proposed by a carrier. Options for changed mobile phones of the same models and also change in prices are also there. You can choose the best carrier that suits your demands and can hold of an advanced phone.
Get to know about the software that they are offering for different smart phones. A big difference is made by the software updates which can increase the speed of the processor and also the resolution of the screen. Better specs will be offered by newer version of Android through which you can work skillfully. As many Android versions cannot upgrade the newest software they can become outdated. So, it is an important point for you to check the Android version before investing your money.

High power smart phones provide a very powerful battery backup. The best smart phones offers a battery power more than 3100 MAH and these phones can run for around 16 long hours. Though, it is necessary for you to on the power saving mode which ensures the life and speed of the battery to be long-lasting. If these few factors are kept in mind before investing your hard earned money on a smart phone, you should not face troubles with it in future.

Is Antivirus Protection On Smartphones A Necessity?

Antivirus Protection On SmartphonesSmartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives today. Normally when you purchase a smartphone, the shopkeeper will advise you to install antivirus software so that you can browse the web from your smartphone without any difficulty. But majority of the people including you might not take this advice very seriously. It is really not clear whether you should or should not install antivirus software on your newly purchased smartphone.

Smartphones allow the users to send and receive mails on a regular basis. Thus it means that you must also be using your email via your smartphone. Sometimes the emails you receive might contain some dangerous virus and if you access those mails then your smartphone might get damaged. Therefore antivirus protection becomes essential as it will recognize the threat and prompt you to delete the dangerous mail.

Many people are of the opinion that antivirus software is not needed on smartphones because all applications used on the phones have their own environment in which they work. None of the applications have the right to interfere or use the data used by any other application. Thus it means that in this way the smartphone is generally protected because even if the malicious application is installed on your phone it will not be able to function effectively.

Each and every application that you install in your smartphone will ask for your permission each time it is updating any information or is using your personal details. If you have any doubt regarding the application you can simply reject the updates and uninstall it from your phone. Downloading applications from reliable app stores is a way to avoid malicious software. Therefore you can use your smartphone without installing the antivirus. But if you are still skeptical about the safety of your precious phone then go ahead and install the antivirus software.

Be smart with your smartphone

smartphoneHave you got a smartphone off late? Well, congratulations since smartphones are surely one among the most coveted gadgets in the contemporary tech scene. However, having a smartphone is not enough to establish your uber cool attitude- if you are a true smart user, you must know how to take care of your “smart” device. Smartphones demand proper care and protection and the article here is all about how to care for the high tech mobile device.

Arrange for Smartphone case

You must know that the smartphones involve delicate engineering and hence you should arrange for a strong cell phone case for it. The cell phone cover will protect the pricey device from getting damaged on accidentals falls. Besides, it should also safeguard the phone from direct contact with water or dust- the two menaces endangering the functionality of your smartphone.

Protect smartphone battery

You must know how to protect the smartphone battery life to ensure good longevity for the device. Keeping the device on continuously would eat up the battery life greatly. Hence it’s always advised to switch off the phone everyday when not in use, at least for a couple of hours. Besides, vibration alerts too are damaging for the battery life. Put off the vibration when you are using the phone in full ringtone mode. If you cannot switch off the vibration completely, at least, lower its range. Another way to ensure longer battery life for smartphone is to delete the unnecessary applications.

Other safeguard measures

Back up your smartphone with password protection which will hinder all unwanted access to your personal data on the phone. Then, you must have a frequent backup of the phone data through cloud computing. This will save you in case the phone crashes ever resulting in huge data loss. Lastly, always have your phone’s IMEI code handy which will help in case the device gets stolen.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 FeaturesSamsung is no doubt the leading android mobile manufacturers. The company recently launched its new model in the form of Samsung galaxy S4. Here are the top new features that you will find in this new device.

·         Smart scroll is one of the features that are included in the new galaxy mobile. In this phone scrolling is done with the help of motion sensors. The screen is scrolled with the tilt of the phone.

·         The camera application of the phone holds a new design. With the help of the new camera you can record and audio with every picture and can also click pictures using front and rear camera simultaneously.

·         The smart pause feature is included in the phone. With this feature once you take of your eyes from the screen while watching a video the video gets paused.

·         Air view feature is one of the most interesting features in this new device. With this you now do not need to use the stylus for opening a video or zooming in some picture. Just hover in the device and your work is done.

The latest from Samsung has got a good amount of added features and is sure to rule the market once again.

Techniques to increase battery life of your smart phone

battery life of your smart phoneIf you have a smart phone, then most important thing that you should take care of is the battery of the phone. You should adopt proper measures and steps to preserve the life of your battery. There are many ways to achieve that. This article will take your through some of the steps in which you can reduce the wastage of battery and increase its lifetime.

Don’t keep too much applications opened at the same time. It will consume too much of battery life. Close the unnecessary applications when not in use, this will increase the battery life. Also keep the Bluetooth and the network setting of your smart phone off when you are not using them. Keeping these is very harmful for the battery and its life will decrease significantly.

Don’t let your phone get heated due to exposure to sunlight or any other source of heat. Also try not to overcharge you’re your battery, though it may not be possible to always keep an eye on the charging status of your battery.

Discharge your battery fully and charge it completely at least once or twice every month. This will let all the parts of the lithium ion cell to get charged uniformly. This will also boost the lifetime of your battery.

Expectation from Samsung Galaxy 4

Samsung Galaxy 4, mobile reviewsSamsung has won the market by launching Samsung Galaxy and using Android OS. Different version of Galaxy and android has been increasing the competition. Apple, Google nexus, HTC etc are also using those features which are now latest in the market. So the new version of Samsung Galaxy 4 has increased the expectations because it comprises of some more advance features. These newly advanced and excellent features like Exynos 4 quad core which are going to take the market by storm. It is having full HD screen that is 5 inch of Super AMOLED. It is providing 441 pixels per inch which is definitely going to give a great competition.

It is providing another feature which has made the expectation sky high. It is having S-translator which supports 9 languages that handles text-to-speech and speech-to-text. There are various features like the newest one is Knox, the B2B tool which is a profile system of dual work. Actually Samsung Galaxy 4 is the first one which is launching this feature. It is also having advanced services regarding system security.