Review of the HTC 8S

HTC 8S, mobile reviewsThe first thing about the HTC 8S, that allure the people, is its bold colors. It is available in a number of colors like the black, red, blue and the grey. Also it has got a dual tone look which is very attractive. It has got some of the most amazing features and specifications and is also quite comfortable for the users. It weighs just 113 grams.

The phone has got a polycarbonate body giving a rubbery feeling. The screen is made from gorilla glass and the edges are tapered while the rear is molded thus giving it a very sleek look. The resolution of the screen is 720 pixels.
The camera of the HTC 8S is quite good having 5 megapixels giving you an ultimate photographic experience. It comes with a 4GB internal memory which can be expandable up to 32GB. The battery back is fairly good enough. Keeping in mind all the features, the price of the phone is much low and is a very good pick for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Galaxy S3 MiniWith Smartphones becoming so popular these days, many people are opting for Smartphones. If you’re thinking of getting a Smartphone, then one of the best choices would be the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. If you want a small but compact and well designed Smartphone then this would be a good one to choose. It has a 480 x 800 display Super AMOLED display and a 1,500mAh battery which is pretty good. It uses a lot of apps and this kind of battery is good enough to back it up.

It has a 1GHz dual-core processor like most Smartphones and 1GB of RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB and it’s also got a micro SD card slot with extendable memory. The camera is also worth a mention. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has a main camera of 5 mega pixels and a front facing camera of VGA quality. The main camera also has LED flash which makes the feature more interesting and useful.

IPhone 5 Camera Features

iphone 5 cameraThe iPhone 5 has been creating a lot of buzz even before its launch. Ever since its launch, it has been doing good business and has been able to stay up to the expectations of people. Gadget geeks say that the size is a bit bigger than they expected but overall, it’s a good phone to use. Apple products are anything but shabby so the sleek design and amazing features and apps have created a pretty good impression

The iPhone 5 uses the IOS6 OS which makes things simpler for the user. You can use the panorama photo feature automatically with the help of this. The meaning of this is that you can use 240 degrees of screen at once. The resolution created is up to 38 megapixels which is a spectacular feature. The video recording uses more light, better clarity and sharpness, which makes the video recording and watching a delight.

A Blend of Technology & Style: HTC Wildfire S

HTC Wildfire  SThe Smartphones launched by HTC have always been quite impressive. If you’re planning to buy a good Smartphones which is durable, technologically advanced and has great looks then the HTC Wildfire S is a great choice to go for. The browsing is easy and it has clear resolution which makes reading a smooth experience as well. You can have your home screen customized as you wish. You set the homepage to tell about the weather as well with the inbuilt weather update feature which runs optionally along with the clock.

You can keep in touch with various social networking suites on screen all day long as well. You can also use the in built map system which can be used whenever you’re on the go. It has a 3.2 inches wide touch screen which is very convenient for a Smartphone. It has a processing speed of 600 MHz and a 5 mega pixels camera.

Best three smartphone of 2012

best smartphonesOne of the biggest names among the new Smartphone of this year is iPhone 5. It is highly appreciated for its numerous features. It features the 4G LTE data speed. It also has a large display of four inches and a very fast processor. Another good Smartphone of the year 2012 is Motorola Droid RAZR HD. It reached the market on September and has become quite popular in the consumer market.

It has a high definition display of 4.6 inches and has a good resolution of 720 pixels. It is also equipped with a processor of dual core Snapdragon S4 processor. It has a brilliant camera of eight mega pixels and also has the 2G LTE data speed. The final name in the list of top three Smartphone of the year 2012 is Nexus 4. It is equipped with the 4.1 Android Jelly Bean along with a high end camera and a quad processor.

Review of Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610Nokia continues to make reasonable smartphones and with the new launch of the Nokia Lumia 610 NFC, it has made a significant mark in the market. It has been stated by the manufacturer that this phone is the first one to be based on Windows that will be equipped with the features of NFC. The phone has a height of 119 mm and it is 62 mm in width

The phone is as thick as millimeters and weighs around 135 grams. It is of the same size as that of Lumia 710. However, the phone is much bulkier than the Lumia 710. It has a display of 3.7 inches with 56.000, 480×800 pixels and it has pixel density of 225 dots every inch. The processor is of 800 MHz along with a RAM of 256 MB. Therefore, when it comes to hefty apps, the phones may be a little slow.

5 unique features of Iphone 5

iPhone 5 SmartphoneThe iPhone 5 has created ripples in the gadget market when it was introduced in June and the ripples were essentially due to the unique features that it has.

One of the unique features of iPhone 5 is the 40% faster image capture compared to the iPhone 4S. Moreover, the Apple iPhone 5 has a panorama mode which means that the resultant images 8 megapixels huge. Another unique feature of this phone is, it allows you to click pictures even while you are recording videos. Another new feature of the iPhone 5 is it has gone a new connector. It has an 8 signal design which is digital and it is 80% smaller than the previous one. The new iPhone supports not only the interfaces that its predecessors did but also LTE. The LTE is available in Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. The iPhone 5 is slimmer, lighter and longer than the iPhone 4.

Review of Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3 Smartphone, Mobile PhoneThe Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been recently launched, has received favorable reviews from users. In fact, some are of the opinion that the features of Galaxy S3 compare to those of the iPhone 5. Galaxy S3 has the latest version of Android and a remarkable 8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. Samsung claims that the design of Galaxy S3 has been inspired by nature- enabling users to share the best moments with ease. This smartphone has Quad core, 1400 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9 processor and ARM Mali-400/MP4 graphics processor. The system memory is 1024 MB RAM and the built-in storage is 32 GB.

It allows easy internet browsing and the built-in online service support include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Picasa. The navigation features of the Galaxy S3 include voice navigation, turn-by-turn navigation and Points of interest (POI). The battery talk time is 22.50 hours and stand by time is 830 hours. It has an 8 megapixels camera.