Pros And Cons Of Wireless Charging System


Advantages and disadvantages of wireless chargers

Wireless charging system is a great innovation in the technology world. Wireless charging system has come long way in making a wide eco system of these devices in private homes and also public businesses. Hence now it can be integrated into anything if you want to get your device charged automatically. The benefits or advantages of wireless charging system have become too much evident and prevalent. People love to use wireless charging systems. With all its prevalent usage and advantages, it also has some of the drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of wireless charging system.


  • Convenience

Benefits of using wireless charging system are that it never has to fiddle with cords. Wireless charging systems remove the need of using messy cords and it avails you with using more convenient charging experience. You just have to drop your device on the charging station or in the charging station and you will get your phone charged. Here you don’t have to deal with cords and hence the chances of breakage and wear and tear are not very much less. If you have ever dealt with broken phone charger then you will realize how easy and comfortable it is to use a charger where there this probability is very much low. Even in case of wireless charging system, you don’t have to deal with remembering where you left the cord of your charger or even don’t have to worry about the various types of chargers for various devices. If you are having a wireless charging device, you can charge all your chargers simultaneously.

  • Integration

One of the major pros of using wireless charger is that some of the wireless charging technologies has the ability to integrate into any of device size of even shape. You just need to have a tiny wireless charging receiver and it can be implemented into any of the small device like headphones, smart watch in order to make wireless charging possible for all.

  • Multiple device being charged wirelessly

Each and every person in today’s world has too many electronic devices and they all need to be charged for usage. Having a wireless charging system enables you to charge all them without any tangled cords and confusion as to which charger belongs to which device or any such other confusion. The clutter will also be less and things will be more managed.


  • Slow performance

One of the major drawbacks of using wireless charging system is its slow performance. This is one of the reasons why it is not fully integrated and considered to be less efficient than a traditional charger. It depends upon the technology of the charger; certain charger cannot reach the same level of efficiency as that of traditional charger. Hence the process tends to be bit slower. The heat which is generated in such types of chargers is really very high as compared to that of traditional chargers which is also a big drawback.


Wireless Router Setup

Wireless Router SetupAs the name suggests the wireless router is device used for networking purposes functioning also as a network access point. The speciality about routers is that they are operational in wireless local area networks, wired local area networks and also when there is the possibility of the existence of both kinds of networks.

Routers have a unique operating system and are designed basically for the transfer of information. The basic step to set up a wireless router is to get the right kind of equipment. The three wireless technologies the router should support are the 802.11a, 902.11b and 802.11g. Other essentials are a networking adaptor and a built in networking support system for the proper installation the wireless router. Not to forget the main component of wireless router is the internet. The modem should be directly connected to the internet. One main thing to keep in mind is that all the interconnections should be made perfectly. Inspite of the fact that all the components are well labelled, the functions of the devices connected to the router are of utmost importance.

The configuration will start now. The internet acts as the medium of configuration between the router and the personal computer. Once the configuration is in the process a page will appear in which you’ll have to feed three inputs: the username 9which by default appear to be SSID), the password and the network protection (which can also be in the form of a wireless encryption). After all these procedures have been dealt with it is important to connect the PC to the wireless router either by a USB port or wireless network port.

It is important to note that your computer and the router have to necessarily be in the same network zone; otherwise it will fail to operate properly.

Benefits of wireless router

Wireless RouterIf you are planning to buy a router you will have to first decide whether you want your computers to be connected to the network with wires or not. A wireless router is basically a network device that will help you to connect to the computers to internet without the wires. A lot of people are opting for wireless routers are because they are affordable and gives you a lot of freedom. Here are some of the benefits of wireless routers.

One of the key benefits of wireless a router is they are equipped with network switch, modem and wireless access points. Moreover, the wireless router can easily be connected from just about anywhere in your house or immediate environment. This means that you will be able to surf the internet from anywhere in your surroundings. The wireless router has the VoIP technology which allows you to use any phone device to connect to the internet.