Comparison between iOS and android

Android and iOS, mobile OSBoth iPhone and android mobile phone have become much popular these days. However if you are not very much familiar with any of these, then you should first know about both iOS and android before selecting any one. There are many features common in these two systems, but the few different features should be the decisive factor.

Android is much more user friendly due to the ease of using it. You can understand all the functions of the android system within few days of using it. But the case is not similar with the iOS which is much complex to use and difficult to understand.

While both android and iOS support popular applications like WhatsApp, Navigation, etc, the former supports some exciting games which are much entertaining. Also in most cases updating the prevalent iOS version is not easy and you may require registering by paying a specified amount, even if your phone supports the update. But you can update your android version very easily free of cost if your handset supports it.