Expectation from Samsung Galaxy 4

Samsung Galaxy 4, mobile reviewsSamsung has won the market by launching Samsung Galaxy and using Android OS. Different version of Galaxy and android has been increasing the competition. Apple, Google nexus, HTC etc are also using those features which are now latest in the market. So the new version of Samsung Galaxy 4 has increased the expectations because it comprises of some more advance features. These newly advanced and excellent features like Exynos 4 quad core which are going to take the market by storm. It is having full HD screen that is 5 inch of Super AMOLED. It is providing 441 pixels per inch which is definitely going to give a great competition.

It is providing another feature which has made the expectation sky high. It is having S-translator which supports 9 languages that handles text-to-speech and speech-to-text. There are various features like the newest one is Knox, the B2B tool which is a profile system of dual work. Actually Samsung Galaxy 4 is the first one which is launching this feature. It is also having advanced services regarding system security.