How To Charge Android Phones Faster

Charge Android PhonesNothing can be worse if your phone gets dead when you need it the most or in the middle of the day. Most of us often forget to charge our phones and remember at the very last minute that you have low battery. But your phone takes too long to charge. Then, here are some tips that will help you charge your phone faster.

• Though these days the android device charges are universal it is best if you use your very phone’s charger to charge. The right plug and the right charger are two of the most essential things. You always should ensure that you plug in your phone into the wall socket that is in its best condition. Charging your phones by plugging them into your laptops or desktops only makes the process even slower. The charging speed definitely slows down and even the Qi wireless charging. So get rid off the concept of charging through laptops and desktops when in a hurry.

• To enable charging your device faster turn on the airplane mode. Depending on the phone that you are using there are many ways for you to be able to do this. For most of them all you have to do is long press the power button and you can then select the airplane mode option when it appears. Or you could go to settings and then search for the airplane mode option and just turn it on. Even though it is different for different phones most of us are aware of it and can do the same. This mode blocks all the wireless radios on your device. This means that you will not be able to receive any calls messages or internet update and access etc. You will neither be able to make call or send messages. But when you think of the result, that you shall have a phone that will be on for a longer time and for quite a few hours you know that it was all worth it.

• You might even turn your phone off completely if you know that you will not be needing it for some time. Although you shall not receive any notifications or alarms once you have switched it off completely, you might just be able to put up with it if you have no time and are in a hurry.

• Android phones come with so many features that they consume the battery much faster than you can expect. So, check if there are any unnecessary features running like the Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS etc turn them off. Closeout all the possible applications that are running. Stop the phone from automatically updating applications and performing back-ups. You can turn it all back again once the phone’s got charged and you are out with a charged phone.

• If you can neither put your phone on the airplane mode nor switch it off completely as you expect an important call or message try not to use and check the phone every other second. This is because the screen is said to be the biggest battery drainer of all.