How to track your cell phone when it is lost

track your cell phoneIf you have lost your cell phone and want to find it but don’t know how to track your phone, then go through these different ways to track your cell phone. Technology has made it possible today to easily track your phone by using different applications, online websites, services etc. A GPS technology known as Google positioning system is mainly used which can connect your phone to the satellite, so you can track your phone wherever it is.

You can track your cell online by using some tracker programs such as Verizon’s Family locator, Sprint/Nextel’s Mobile Locator, AT&T’s Family Map etc. These tracker services charge a minimal cost for tracking your cell phone.

An application known as Lookout which is supported by Blackberry, Android and Windows mobiles can be used. This app tells the location of the device. So if this app is installed on your phone already, you can easily track it.

Some other apps such as F-Secure Anti-Theft, BlueRetriever, iTag etc also can help you for tracking your phone.