Is Antivirus Protection On Smartphones A Necessity?

Antivirus Protection On SmartphonesSmartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives today. Normally when you purchase a smartphone, the shopkeeper will advise you to install antivirus software so that you can browse the web from your smartphone without any difficulty. But majority of the people including you might not take this advice very seriously. It is really not clear whether you should or should not install antivirus software on your newly purchased smartphone.

Smartphones allow the users to send and receive mails on a regular basis. Thus it means that you must also be using your email via your smartphone. Sometimes the emails you receive might contain some dangerous virus and if you access those mails then your smartphone might get damaged. Therefore antivirus protection becomes essential as it will recognize the threat and prompt you to delete the dangerous mail.

Many people are of the opinion that antivirus software is not needed on smartphones because all applications used on the phones have their own environment in which they work. None of the applications have the right to interfere or use the data used by any other application. Thus it means that in this way the smartphone is generally protected because even if the malicious application is installed on your phone it will not be able to function effectively.

Each and every application that you install in your smartphone will ask for your permission each time it is updating any information or is using your personal details. If you have any doubt regarding the application you can simply reject the updates and uninstall it from your phone. Downloading applications from reliable app stores is a way to avoid malicious software. Therefore you can use your smartphone without installing the antivirus. But if you are still skeptical about the safety of your precious phone then go ahead and install the antivirus software.