Tips on Boosting Android Phone’s Battery Life

Animated image of Android Phone’s Battery Life

Increase in your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Varied and ample of technology, system and drives are upgrading day by day. Most of the companies are behind launching their best piece of technology in the form of smart phone. They are well powerful to use but unfortunately, they are supported with endless battery life. In fact many of us might be enlighten by the battery charged whole night is sufficient enough for whole day. But, sadly it sometimes isn’t what we are in need of. There are number of things and factors that are used by different companies for changing the look, appearance by making it look even thinner, brighter screens, even larger screens, more software benefits, upgraded version of quod core processor and many other things are increasing the interest of people for buying it.

But, there’s nothing more interesting towards increasing the battery life. But, there’s nothing to worry about because there are certain things you can perform. By performing it, you can simply boost your android phone’s battery life. Try out these tips for exercising and noticing the boosting of your android phone’s battery life.

Android phone’s battery life boosting tips:

  • Try to find out, which application is sucking most of your battery life in your android phone. Start by navigating to the settings and see to the battery organizer chart. It’ll simply show you the breakdown of application consuming the most of the battery out of your android phone.
  • If you observe the application that your barely even use is consuming more of the battery, simply uninstall it or turn off the featuring effects of that application. Reduce the use of Facebook, twitter, emails from your android phones.
  • Reduce their polling frequency for noticing any change in your better consumption. If you’re not fond of any hardware radio on your phone, it’s advisable of shutting it of right away. There are chances that it might increase and consume more of battery life from your android phone.
  • Turn off your GPS, Wi-Fi, or LTE that you observe on in your android phone. They consume most of the battery because it also needs a constant flow of internet. As it is a location based application, access over internet is constant. It might drain up your battery life to a faster extend than you’ve thought of.
  • If you’re android phone is supplied with the feature of power saving mode, make the use of that application for saving on the batter life in your android phones. Extreme or ultra-power saving mode is a beneficial key that respectively limits the use of texts, web browsing, Facebook and even the phone calls.
  • Even it can last for few remaining percentage for extending up to 4 to 5 hours more. It’s advisable of trimming the applications running behind your background. Many a times, we don’t know which applications are running and this results in simply draining the battery life of your android phone. Clear the RAM for 2 to 3 times a day for enjoying the speed as well as the longer durability of battery life in your android phones.

Top Phones With Great Camera

Phone having good camera

Phone with good camera

There was a time when people use to see battery life and durability of phone. These should be the basic and most important factors in phone. This is now changed a lot. Today’s generation is photo maniac and one of the most important factors they search in their phone is great camera. Cameras in your smartphones have also become very smart and you get amazing pictures that you don’t even feel the need of actual camera. In a way phone is taking place of cameras. Phones with great camera has several features which have greatly improved quality images taken by the smartphones having OIS (optical image stabilization), bright lenses, large sensors and optical zoom features making smart phones even advanced for photography. The photographic capacities of smartphones have become a big point for selling. Many of the premium smartphones also have feature of shooting raw photos so that you can have total control of image processing. If you are also photo maniac and love taking pictures and considering a new phone having this quality, here is a list of phones having great camera.

  • Samsung galaxy S7

This phone is having 12 megapixel of rear camera. This phone also has dual pixel quality with a bright 1.7 aperture. This phone possess a quad HD screen for having a crystal clear view and it has a capacity to capture 4K video along with 8 megapixel still when it is there on the video mode. This phone with great camera is waterproof and dustproof till the depth of 1.5m for a time period of 30 minutes. It also has the ability of expanding its memory by inserting a micro SD card and a tough gorilla glass on your screen and also on the backside of the phone. This phone with great camera is perfect for those people who would like to get out and take plenty of images despite of the type of weather. The operation speed of this phone with great camera is also very impressive and its volume button can also be used as shutter button.

  • Sony xperia Z5 compact

This phone with great camera has 23 megapixel, f2.0 camera on back and 5 megapixels in the front for selfie. This phone also have the capacity of capturing 4K videos which is perfect for those who loves taking videos and photos. The size of phone is 5 inches in height and it is 2.55 inches in width. This phone with great camera is dust proof along with being water proof. The battery of this phone lasts for approximately 2 days. This phone is great for those who loves photography but are very much conscious about the size of the phone.

  • Moto X play

This phone with great camera is placed in the middle of the Moto x style and Moto G in the current smartphone range of Motorola. It has 21 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera having a display of 5.5 inch.

Benefits of Using Prepaid Calling Cards

Animated image of Prepaid Calling Card

Prepaid Calling Card benefits

In today’s time, people are seen spending more time talking on phones, rather than talking in front. There are any friends and family we want to talk for about what is going on in their life and also many business associates with whom we want to discuss the projects and the deals. And prepaid calling cards are best suitable for those people who spend most of their time in calling people. Prepaid calling cards helps in offering a great way to us for calling people from almost any telephone and from anywhere in the world. Prepaid calling cards are basically introduced in the year 1970 and are now widely used by almost each and every part of the world. There are different benefits of prepaid calling cards that help the person in using it with ease.

Prepaid calling card benefits:

  • Prepaid calling cards are helpful in offering low cost and helps in simplifying the ways of dialing long distance calling. It is also beneficial for the users in the case of emergency. Prepaid calling cards do have more advantages when compared with the credit phone cards available.
  • Say for example, credit phone cards charge in a different way and with different rates whether you’re using it during the day time of the night time. Whereas prepaid calling cards offer a set rate per minute whether the call is done during the day time or the night time.
  • But, make a note on the prepaid calling cards that charge higher amount of rates on any international call or for any domestic calls for long distance. Prepaid calling cards are easy to use as compared to credit phone cards.
  • You just need to dial a toll free access number, punch in your pin number and dial the number you want to talk with. With most of the prepaid calling cards you’re aware about the remaining time on your call. Prepaid calling cards are very much convenient while making the use of it.
  • In fact whenever you’re in need of using a pay phone, there’s no need for looking for a chance for paying off a penny, just take out your prepaid calling card and you can head ahead for calling your people by using it.
  • Even, prepaid calling cards helps in making a confirm budget for making the international calls. Decide how much of your money you want to spend on your long distance calls. Preparing your phone calls helps in offering you with more control over the money you’re spending and helps you in avoiding paying off the monthly telephonic bills at your home.
  • The prepaid calling cards are easily available from any general store or retail store. Even you can buy it from any gas station, but to be heading ahead with the smartest choice, buy it from the internet.
  • It’s advisable of buying it online because it helps in offering better comparison between different prepaid calling cards and you can select your best one according to the budget you can easily afford.

Tips on Taking Care of your Gadgets

Person cleaning the Gadgets

Gadget cleaning tips

Gadgets are termed to be the ultimate sources of utility. Gadgets offer better usage and make our task well easier. They somehow help in not getting you bored. Trust me; gadgets do lot more things in our daily life. It makes our work and task easier in daily routine. But like any common type of electronic device, there might be chances of malfunction. It might also be possible that it can even stop your daily work, because it is an electronic device which is used for always. But there is nothing to worry about because it is easy to avoid such situation. Take proper care of your gadgets you own. With all your concern regarding your gadgets, here is the list of important points that offers better clarity towards the work. Following the tips will help you in taking proper care of your gadgets.

Gadgets taking care tips:

  • Keeping your electronic gadgets neat and clean is the first priority for you. Always try out of keeping your electronic gadgets up to date, neat and tidy enough for the use. Whether they are simple mobile phones, tablets, notebooks or touch screen phones or cameras. They are still needed to be cleaned regularly for better functions.
  • Scheduling a specific day for cleaning your gadget is best suited. It helps in avoiding any serious problems later on in the future. Another tip is say no to the sunlight. Heat or sunlight often over heats the device. It is strictly prohibited of not using your electronic gadget under the sunlight.
  • Because exploring more of your device towards the sun rays might stand you up with the possibilities of device malfunction. Always try hard for keeping your electronic gadgets out of heated points. It offers better preventive measures for keeping your phone out of damaging effects.
  • It is advisable of always carrying your phone in a bag or pouch whenever you are heading out in the sunlight. Using and protecting your phone from a protective casing is one such option useful for taking proper care of your electronic gadgets. Always buy protective casing for your electronic gadgets.
  • Often such cases are included while you are buying the electronic gadgets but if it is not included in the deal, it is advisable of including it. It offers and works as a better protective layer for increase the safety of your gadgets.
  • It helps in protecting your phone from sudden damage due to dropping or falling. It is advisable of not being cheap while buying a protective case for your phone. Make sure the cased is fully equipped with entire emergency scenario.
  • If found any damaging effects or observed any malfunction in your electronic gadgets, it is advisable of bringing it to the authorised centre. Never go to any convenient fixing place, because they might not know that what changes are required for making your device work smoothly.
  • It is better to charge your device before it gets totally drained. Because many a times it is observed that without charging your device, it might found up with many damaging effects. These damaging effects might supply you with more cost factors.


Pros And Cons Of Wireless Charging System


Advantages and disadvantages of wireless chargers

Wireless charging system is a great innovation in the technology world. Wireless charging system has come long way in making a wide eco system of these devices in private homes and also public businesses. Hence now it can be integrated into anything if you want to get your device charged automatically. The benefits or advantages of wireless charging system have become too much evident and prevalent. People love to use wireless charging systems. With all its prevalent usage and advantages, it also has some of the drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of wireless charging system.


  • Convenience

Benefits of using wireless charging system are that it never has to fiddle with cords. Wireless charging systems remove the need of using messy cords and it avails you with using more convenient charging experience. You just have to drop your device on the charging station or in the charging station and you will get your phone charged. Here you don’t have to deal with cords and hence the chances of breakage and wear and tear are not very much less. If you have ever dealt with broken phone charger then you will realize how easy and comfortable it is to use a charger where there this probability is very much low. Even in case of wireless charging system, you don’t have to deal with remembering where you left the cord of your charger or even don’t have to worry about the various types of chargers for various devices. If you are having a wireless charging device, you can charge all your chargers simultaneously.

  • Integration

One of the major pros of using wireless charger is that some of the wireless charging technologies has the ability to integrate into any of device size of even shape. You just need to have a tiny wireless charging receiver and it can be implemented into any of the small device like headphones, smart watch in order to make wireless charging possible for all.

  • Multiple device being charged wirelessly

Each and every person in today’s world has too many electronic devices and they all need to be charged for usage. Having a wireless charging system enables you to charge all them without any tangled cords and confusion as to which charger belongs to which device or any such other confusion. The clutter will also be less and things will be more managed.


  • Slow performance

One of the major drawbacks of using wireless charging system is its slow performance. This is one of the reasons why it is not fully integrated and considered to be less efficient than a traditional charger. It depends upon the technology of the charger; certain charger cannot reach the same level of efficiency as that of traditional charger. Hence the process tends to be bit slower. The heat which is generated in such types of chargers is really very high as compared to that of traditional chargers which is also a big drawback.


Tips To Conserve Your Phone’s Battery

Conserve your phones battery with right tips

Conserve your phones battery with proper tricks

Apple, blackberry and Samsung  and many other local brands have come up with smartphones which are now equipped with many powerful mobile operating systems like Nokia’s Symbian, Apples IOS and Google’s Android which allows the user with facility to play games, listen music, click pictures, stream videos and access to net. With many such things running on the same time it is but obvious that the battery life of your phone will be affected. Your phone will be using more battery and draining more battery with all multiple functions and varied range of capabilities. In such case, you will be hunting for something which can conserve your phone’s battery. It is very irritating to charge your phone very frequently and hence you search for those things which can conserve your phone’s battery. By making some simple changes in the way of using your phone, you can easily conserve your phone’s battery. Here are some of the useful and easy tips to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Turn off vibrations

One of the very easy ways to conserve your phone’s battery is to turn off vibrations. Vibrations are great for you to get notifications about messages or incoming calls when you are in meeting or you are in theatre or any other place where you need to keep your phone on silent. But when you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you need to keep your phone on ringing as vibrations generally eat up more battery as compared to ringtones. Thus when you are not in any situation where you need to keep your phone on vibration mode, you must opt for keeping your phone on ringing to conserve your phone’s battery.

  • Dim your screen

This one simple tip can conserve your phone’s battery to great extent. You can see a drastic change in your battery by making your screen dim. It is obvious that keeping your brightness to the highest will consume more battery. Every single time you use your phone, it will consume higher amount of battery. Thus keep your brightness low especially at those times when you are not using your phone. You are also availed with an auto brightness option in your phone, it will adjust the brightness according to the type of work you are doing. Keeping your brightness level always low can save your battery life to great extent in the long run.

  • Shorten screen timeout

If you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must pay focus on your screens display. Keeping the display always active also eats up lots of your battery. Thus try and shorten the screen timeout and see the change in your battery consumption. This will decide for how long your screen will be lit up even after you are done with using your phone. Many of you have a habit of keeping no screen timeout and then locking the phone when the work is done. But it can happen many of the times you forget to lock the phone and thus your battery is wasted a lot. Thus if you want to conserve your phone’s battery, you must shorten screen timeout.

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performance

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performanceThere are many things which can help you in the matters of going for and keeping your android phones at uttermost performance which can be considered to be in your benefits only. Many users might be thinking that it would be difficult and rather enough technical to go with the process of keeping your android phones at uttermost performance but I would say that it is easier to comply with it because the things which you are going to understand further are going to be pretty much easier and you can comply it without taking the help of the professional. Taking good care of your android phone is considered to be the first duty of the users which they need to go for complying.

This article will help the users in getting with the guide of how to keep your android phones at uttermost performance which they can go for by sitting at their home. well, for instance let me help you with certain things which can be considered to be keeping your android phones at uttermost performance like keeping fully charged up phone, maintaining your android phones, deleting the unused applications which are being stored in your android phones, etc. and many more of the things which can be considered to be the tips which can help you in keeping your android phones at uttermost performance.

How to keep your android phones at uttermost performance


  • Well, frankly there are many tips which can help you in going for keeping your android phones at uttermost performance but amongst them the first one which you can go for trying up is keeping your android phone to be fully charged. Yes, with the help of it you won’t be able to face any of the issues which are considered to be beneficial for the android users.
  • In simple words, I can say that according to me keeping it fully charge will help you android phone is longer lasting performance which is considered to be important for the user. Another thing which can help you in keeping your android phone at uttermost performance is installing and downloading memory management software which is will help you in not letting your memory get lost and will result in to getting your phone to be perfect.
  • Go for closing your unused application which you are no more using in your android phone. This will help you in reducing your phones’ usage which will be making your phone work even more effectively. Not only that , you can also go for uninstalling such application which you are no more taking in to use because it will help you in getting your phone to be having more spaces which will be beneficial for the users.
  • You must keep certain things in mind which can help you in the matters of going for keeping your android phone at uttermost performance by cleaning up the browsing history and the caches and cookies which are present in your phone. Deleting the caches and cookies will help you in making your phone to be free of most used things and will provide you with more of storage in your phone.




IPhone 7- Review, Release Date, Specifications

iPhone 7We all know that why iPhone is being so much famous and its need is being increasing day by day. There are many reasons behind this success of  like the trend, its dramatic look which it gives to its users, the brand name of course; the varieties of features with the bets look ever, right? All these things make it more relevant for the users getting more attracted towards it. And the most awaited generation of iPhone which we are waiting for is the iPhone 7 which is being introduced soon in the market but not this year, next year. We all are fond of having iPhone in for our use right? Well, the further discussion will help you in getting more ideas about new iPhone 7 which is going to be reviewed further.

The reviews, release date, and its specification of iPhone is making more of the users being attracted towards it and making it more relevant to purchase it. Well, there are many specification and other things in new iPhone which makes it more popular and are going to be the part of it when it will be introduced in the market like, waterproof, high screen resolution, increasing battery life, etc. and many more the things which are being covered in the new iPhone 7 which is being reviewed further in this article.

IPhone 7- review, release date, specification

  • It makes it more anxious to know about the different specifications which are being given to the next generation of iPhone which is being introduced in the market next year. There are many changes which you can observe in it when it is being introduced in the market.
  • Design

We all know that iPhone is considered to be having more of its attraction towards its look which is being provided by apple company right? So mark my words they are going to help you in providing certainly one of the best designs till now as compared to the last generation of these series. They probably are going to go for redesigning some of its parts which will make it more attractive to the users of purchasing it. It is considered to be pretty much difficult to go for getting the information but the rumors are, it would be thinner than the last generation, clearer camera, etc.

  • High screen resolution

Well, it can be considered to be one of the important parts of the new iPhone 7 which is going to be launched up in the market. It will provide you with the facility of higher screen resolution which is considered of having many benefits to the users. It would be more sharp resolution which it will provide you in the new iPhone 7.

  • The release date of the next generation of iPhone i.e. iPhone 7 is rumored to be in the mid- September of 2016. Which is considered to be near by the end of this year right? It is being not confirmed but just being expected which you can wait for until it get launched in the market.



Comparison Of IPhone With Android Devices

Iphone vs androidIn current generation when you want to opt for new phone, you basically have two primary options to choose from.  These primary and most prevalent options for new phone are android and iPhone. Having an android device and switching to iPhone or having iPhone and switching to android can be little bit challenging at first instance as you have learn a totally new interface and work out with those apps which you may or may not like. There is also some or the other differences between both of them in a way they connect you to the cell phones of your friends and family. Here is a simple comparison between iPhone and android devices along with the pros and cons of each one of them to help you decide which one to opt.

Android device


  • The open platform of Google allows for more freedom in the terms of development. This means that you can make the ultimate use of your android device and all its capabilities. For example you can create Wi-Fi hotspot which is not possible in case of iTunes app store.
  • You can get a plenty of choice in Android device handset. You can get a plenty of options like having big screen, or small screen or a touch screen or QWERTY keyboard.


  • Every app will not work on android device which is designed and developed for it and also there are plenty of apps of the Google play which are also there on the iTunes store.
  • The general operating system of android device is not as smoother as it is of the IPhone.



  • You can get a varied selection of apps ITunes app store and as iPhones are so popular developers of apps usually releases apps on the iTunes first for the iPhones way before they release the same app on other platform.
  • As compared to other platforms, IOS is very much easy to use and it is also more elegant. This is the biggest advantage of the iPhone as everything works very nicely. Thus there is no problem in terms of reliability and the experience of using iPhone is very stable and streamlined.
  • The camera of iPhone is way too good and stunning. It is one of the best feature you get using iPhone. You don’t need to be good in taking pictures and still you will get some fabulous click of yours without much effort.


  • Using an iPhone when you are conjunction with your family and friends can be really tough. There is a wide range of compatibility issue and certain restrictions which are placed by iPhone to stop the device from connecting to non-iPhone devices.
  • IPhone has lot of catch up on and the speedy development of android has left IOS stunned with the trendy technological advancements. Say for example the notification system and the camera software thing in the android is far more developed of the android devices as compared to the iPhone.

Android Phones in 2015 – What To Expect

Android Phones in 2015 Are you planning a latest Android smartphone this year? That’s great since the latest models are equipped with the newly updated Lollipop 5.0 Android version – which is claimed to be the most ambitious and largest release from Android till date. So what to expect from the cutting edge Lollipop 5.0 Android mobile phones in 2015?


Keeping parity with an esteemed rival software group, Android 2015 mobiles have come up with Continuity facility- where the user would be allowed to pick up from where he left. The Lollipop 5.0 is designed to assure immediate accession to recent searches, apps, photos, songs etc. right from where left.

Material design

The new Android phones promise Material design that assures an extremely intuitive interface & fluid transitions in between tasks. With the Material Design, the elements would shrink & expand dynamically & there would be better spacing in between them. Moreover, Material Design assures an overall 3D appearance.


Much to the delight of the active and continuous users, the new Android smartphones are backed by an advanced battery-saving feature which extends the device longevity by up till 90 minutes. It is really handy when you are traveling and don’t have power outlet everywhere. Besides, the new Android phones are engineered to alert you about time left for a battery recharge & while it’s charging, the phone would inform on the needed time for a full charge as well.

Updated camera

This is a great news for the snap happy smartphone users who are always on the spree to capture moments with their handset. The latest Android mobile phones this year promise a better updated camera for superior shots. Lollipop 5.0 supports premium features such as fine settings tuning, burst mode, full resolution frame capture closer to 30 fps etc. Moreover, the new Android phones would also allow you to shoot in the raw formats such as Bayer RAW and YUV. Then, there is support for 4K UHD video playback, improved streaming and tunneled video that guarantees high end video playback. Lollipop has also added professional features that control the settings for lens, sensor and flash at every individual frame.

Enhanced security

The new Android mobiles will allow you to share the device with security in guest-user mode. You will be able to create several accounts so that your buddies too can check out their profiles from your phone. The best part is that, no matter how much others log in from your phone, your files would stay completely guarded from them.

Smoother experience

This is another great bit about the new Android mobile phones that you would be getting in 2015. The latest Android devices are designed with new ART runtime that has claimed to up the battery life, device responsiveness and app performance. According to statements from Google, the new Android upgradation comes up with 4x improved OS performance in comparison to the previous OS version. It compacts the background apps & services enabling you to perform more functions at once.