Phones Having Best Battery Life

Phones having higher battery life

Phones with high battery life

The last thing that you want to happen with you is that your phone is running out of battery just at the moment when you need it the most. While buying a new phone, you check out several features which are extremely essential like ram, memory, camera and such other things. Well what’s the use of all these features when your phone is not having enough battery to use and incorporate all these features? There are many options available like power bank which you can carry anywhere and use whenever your phone is out of battery. But won’t it be bit irritating that your phone is always running out of battery and you always have to hang the power bank along? Yes after a period of time, you will feel annoyed and hence one of the added things to check while buying a new phone is the battery life. You can sacrifice on some other feature having a phone with good battery life is very much essential. If you feel that the battery of your phone is still stuck up in the 90’s and it does not last as long it as it ought to last then you are not the only person having this issue. If you are looking for such phones having best battery life then here is a list of top phones having best battery life.

  • Motorola Moto Z Play

This phone is among the list of cheapest among the list of Motorola Moto z series. However if something is cheap, it is bad this is not the how it works every time. It’s quite astonishing that being mid-range also, the battery life that Motorola Moto z play offers is the longest one among the battery life of Z line. The battery of this phone can last for 23 hours and to be precise extra 3 minutes. This cell phone is worth getting just because of its battery feature, though it also excels in other features too. If there is excessive use several apps and video player and such other things, and then the battery will last for 16 hours and 32 minutes which is also fairly impressive.

  • Huawei mate 9

Some of the attractive features of this phone are its big screen and along with that it has powerful Octa core processor and an attractive dual camera setting. Now it has all the attractive features that you demand in a phone. Well it also has the feature that you are seeking for; it has 4000mah battery which will work very efficiently throughout the whole day. With the exhaustive usage also, this phone will last for 18 hours and to be precise 35 minutes which is not very much common in other phones.

  • One plus 3T

This phone has fairly affordable pricing and it has very easily and effectively replaced its last phone which is OnePlus3. This phone has a surprisingly powerful processor and a very sharp and front facing camera. This phone has a battery life of 16 hours with impressive dash charging feature. Dash charging means it will allow your phone to charge very speedily.