Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 FeaturesSamsung is no doubt the leading android mobile manufacturers. The company recently launched its new model in the form of Samsung galaxy S4. Here are the top new features that you will find in this new device.

·         Smart scroll is one of the features that are included in the new galaxy mobile. In this phone scrolling is done with the help of motion sensors. The screen is scrolled with the tilt of the phone.

·         The camera application of the phone holds a new design. With the help of the new camera you can record and audio with every picture and can also click pictures using front and rear camera simultaneously.

·         The smart pause feature is included in the phone. With this feature once you take of your eyes from the screen while watching a video the video gets paused.

·         Air view feature is one of the most interesting features in this new device. With this you now do not need to use the stylus for opening a video or zooming in some picture. Just hover in the device and your work is done.

The latest from Samsung has got a good amount of added features and is sure to rule the market once again.