Techniques to increase battery life of your smart phone

battery life of your smart phoneIf you have a smart phone, then most important thing that you should take care of is the battery of the phone. You should adopt proper measures and steps to preserve the life of your battery. There are many ways to achieve that. This article will take your through some of the steps in which you can reduce the wastage of battery and increase its lifetime.

Don’t keep too much applications opened at the same time. It will consume too much of battery life. Close the unnecessary applications when not in use, this will increase the battery life. Also keep the Bluetooth and the network setting of your smart phone off when you are not using them. Keeping these is very harmful for the battery and its life will decrease significantly.

Don’t let your phone get heated due to exposure to sunlight or any other source of heat. Also try not to overcharge you’re your battery, though it may not be possible to always keep an eye on the charging status of your battery.

Discharge your battery fully and charge it completely at least once or twice every month. This will let all the parts of the lithium ion cell to get charged uniformly. This will also boost the lifetime of your battery.