Tips To Make Your Android Run Faster

help your android to run faster

Make your android run faster

It is really very annoying to spend lots and lots of bucks on an android device which hangs every few hours and you can’t have smooth functioning of the phone. Time runs very fast and in this fast running time, slow running android device is the worst thing you can ever get. Well if you like your phone and you don’t want to buy a new one or your budget don’t allow you to do so then there are several other ways which can help you to make your android run faster. Here are some of the easy ways to make your android run faster.

  • Clear your home screen

If you are keeping live wallpaper on your screen then it will adversely affect your phone in two ways. One of the adverse effects of live wallpaper is that they eat up lots of battery and the other one is that it makes your phone to work slowly. Replace you wallpaper with an image which is static and not live. You should also clear up all the unused icons from your phone and also keep some of the essential widgets on the screen only. Better will be the performance of your phone if lesser cluttered your home screen is.

  • Delete unused apps

Why to give up space to those apps which you never use in your phone. Extra apps will cover up huge space in your phone and it will make the performance of your phone slow. If your phone is filled up with lots of unused apps then take immediate steps and delete all of them and see the change in the performance of your phone. If you don’t want to delete the app, you can simply uninstall it as it will also boost up your android’s speed.

  • Clear cached data

Every app has certain cached data which occupies the memory of the phone and make it to work slowly. If you want your android to run faster than you will have to clear cached data on regular basis. Clearing cached data will help to load those apps more rapidly. If you don’t clear it regularly, it will start getting build up and taking up more space in your phone and slowing it down. If you want to pick individual app then you will have to go to the settings and then go to the apps and clear the cached data from there. You can also install an app named CCleaner. This will help to clean the cached data and help your phone to perform well.

  • Try factory reset

This is a huge step but many people suggest that it should be done periodically if you wish that your android should run in proper condition. This is like a shortcut for clearing out all of the junks that you have collected over period of time. However this steps involves wiping the entire data that you have on your phone. Hence before doing factory reset, take back up of entire data of your phone and go for it.