Top 3 apps for android

apps for android, android phonesOne of the best Android applications that you should know about is the ezPDF. This may not be the official reader this application can be very effective and it is worth a download. The features of the app are almost same as that of the application of the Adobe PDF Reader. However, this application is considered more useful if you are beginner. Another fine application would be the Astro File Manager.

This application will be very helpful when you are trying to get your apps installed easily on the phone. The application comes with other useful features as well. This will serve you as a task manger as well as a file customizer. The application will be able to create or extract Rar and the Zip files and get the attached to the emails of the user. Another great application is the Gmote 2.0. This is a very cool application as it will let you use your computer with a remote and the remote will be your phone.