Top Android Applications for Mobile Security

Android Applications for Mobile SecurityAndroid is the latest operating system for mobile devices. This is one of the best operating system for a smart phone user. Since it has become popular it also carries a threat from the hackers. You can secure your mobile device by downloading one of the few security applications available in the android market. The top four security application for android mobile is given below.

AVG is a security application that you can use to secure your phone from viruses and hackers. This software not only keeps your data secured but it also has the facility of tracking your device if it gets stolen.

Lookout mobile security is one of the most widely used security software in mobile devices. This software gives a real time security support so as helping in scanning every installed item.

Avast mobile security is security software indecent of Google play. In this security application you get the chance of locking your device, raising a siren or clearing history just with a SMS.

Comodo is a latest security application. This software keeps on getting updated after user permission. They scan the newly installed application and keep your mobile device secure.

You can use any of the mobile security application to secure your android mobile device.