Top Expensive Phones In The World

Top expensive phones in the world

Most expensive phones in the world

The prices of most expensive phones would be far from your expectation. When you will come across the name of the phones and their pieces and you will think that it is totally insane to pay such a huge price for phone. However there are people who do exist and there are such phones which do exist for which such prices are also ready to be paid. If you haven’t come across such top expensive phones in the world with jaw dropping prices, then check this list and be aware of such phones.

  • Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

This phone is considered as the most expensive phone in the entire world. The price of this phone is 95.5 million US dollars. Yes you heard it right it is that high. The reason of the price of this phone being so high is plenty of diamonds which is there on the device. One of the major attractions of this phone is the huge 18 carat diamond which catches eye of any person having a glance at this phone. This huge diamond is said to be of two colors pink and blue but it is believed majorly of pink only. The cheaper one design of this phone also ranges 48 million US dollars and hence for this beautiful and huge diamond, 95.5 million dollars is justifiable making this phone, the most expensive mobile phone in the entire world.

  • iPhone 5 black diamond

You know that iPhone never comes cheap but this iPhone 5 black is way higher than what is called expensive costing 15.3 million US dollars making this phone second most expensive phone in the world. We all are very clearly aware that black diamonds are considered as some of the rarest form of diamonds and when it is used n iPhone, the price will definitely touch the limits of sky. There are only one or two pieces of these phones in the world and it is making use of black diamond along with other types of diamonds, gold and also some other rare and expensive stones.

  • iPhone 3G king ‘s button

This phone is on the 3rd position on the list of most expensive phones in the world carrying an amazingly high price of 1.3 million US dollars. The major attraction of this phone is the main button which is the home button which is made up of high qualitative 6.6 carat of diamond which gives immense level of beauty to this phone and is considered as one of the most luxurious phone in the world. Along with this highly expensive and quality, diamond, this phone also has 18 carat of yellow gold along with white and rose gold.

  • Goldvish le Million

This phone is getting the fourth position in the list of most expensive phones in the world because of it being designed by the great designer Emmanuel gueit. This phone is made up from pure white gold of 18 carat whose installation is done with VVS1 graded diamond of 120 carat.